Your Russian Mail Order Bride – Are You Being Set Up?

As beautiful and lovely as Russian mail order brides may be it is always wise to be conscious of the fact that the stunning blonde that you are corresponding with might very well be a scammer. She might actually not be a lady at all when you get right down to it. But that is another story for another day.

The truth is that many trusting Western men are an easy target for scammers not just from Russia and Ukraine but from all over the world when it comes to posing as a beautiful Russian or Ukrainian mail order bride. Once they have a guy hooked with a few flowery letters and some pretty pictures it is very easy for them to separate them from some hard earned cash and then they’re gone.

One of the more popular Russian mail order bride scams goes something like this. You find a beautiful Russian mail order bride on an international dating website or you are contacted by a girl through what you might even think is a trustworthy dating website. You might exchange a few emails that begin in a normal manner until soon your lovely lady begins to tell you that she has feelings for you, perhaps even feelings of love. She might even tell you that she desires your caress, your care and your kisses and that she hopes someday to be able to meet you face to face. Many pictures usually accompany these emails. It is very easy to become swept away with the beauty of these women and she will often ask if you find her pictures pleasurable.

After a while your Russian or Ukrainian mail order bride will tell you that she wants to meet you so badly that she has gone and talked to a travel agency. She will say that she was told that it is just a matter of filling out some paperwork and she can get a visa to come and see you. Wouldn’t that be great? She will tell you that unfortunately she doesn’t have enough money right now to pay for her trip but that she is working on it. She might ask if it would make you happy for her to come and spend time with you and there will be more seductive words about caressing and kissing and the like.

Once you are really hooked and you admit that you would love it if she could come to see you then the next step is for her to ask you for the balance of what it will cost for her to come visit you. It might be only a few hundred dollars and it might be very tempting to agree to send her the money but don’t. The scam really doesn’t end with you telling her that you can’t or won’t send her money since she will continue to play on your desire and your heart. She will plead with you saying that she loves you so much and ask why you don’t want to see her. She will ask if you love her and, as you can imagine, the scam plays on.

One point to note is that typically a scammer won’t waste a whole lot of time stringing you along. If your mail order bride is a scammer you will be set up and served your scam within a month or typically within two weeks. If it seems fishy to you that a girl could fall in love with you so quickly this should send up a red flag.

The truth behind this scam is that there is no way for a Russian or Ukrainian mail order bride to obtain a visa to visit the US, Canada or Australia. There is no tourist visa for residents of these countries and there is even a lot involved when applying for a fiancé visa. Yes, she might be able to get a work visa for some European countries but even so, visas to leave Russia or Ukraine can be very difficult to obtain.

Another key point to keep in mind is that a Ukrainian or Russian mail order bride will typically never ask you for money. In order to keep from appearing suspicious and because these women are very strong women with a very positive outlook on life, they will rarely ask for any financial help. Of course, there is always the exception to the rule and although tragedy can strike any of us at any time and move us to ask anyone for money when in a desperate situation, this is the exception instead of the rule. While it is always better to be cautious in these cases this does not mean that you should be paranoid. Jumping the gun and accusing a lovely woman that might genuinely care for you of being a scammer will cut her to the bone and no doubt hurt her deeply.

The best advice when confronted with a situation where you feel that your Ukrainian or Russian mail order bride is a scammer is to proceed with caution and see how everything plays out. Sometimes avoiding the subject or putting her off for a while is all that is necessary to defuse what very well might be an elaborate and passionate wishful imagination of the girl of your dreams. Perhaps telling her that you want to visit her country first or that you can take care of any travel arrangements might be enough to get to the truth. Remain cautiously optimistic but be smart.

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