Will You Be Able To Work In Canada?

If you are already planning your arrival to Canada, you must be asking yourself if you will be able to work there!

Before moving to Canada, you should learn as much as possible about working in Canada. Since there is no guarantee that you will find work in your preferred occupation, it is very important to be fully aware and prepared about the Canadian regulations and job opportunities.

First of all, I recommend updating your résumé and cover letter. You should have them ready when you arrive to Canada.

As explained by CIC, you should consider the following facts before looking for a job in Canada:

– You may need to have your credentials assessed and recognized and you may have to be licensed;

– Depending on your profession, you may need to take additional courses;

– You may need to complete examinations or you may need to take a job specific test.

Even though you are not required to have these credentials for the immigration process, they will be very important when you look for a job in Canada.

Remember, knowledge is power. The more you know about the Canadian immigration process, the easier it will be to submit your Permanent Residence visa application.

Good luck in Canada!

Best Regards,

Alex Berez
Author of “Step by Step Immigration to Canada”