Why Do You Need a Social Insurance Number After Landing As a New Immigrant?

After getting the approval of your permanent residency application and having the visa stamped for you and your dependents, it is time to learn more about settling in Canada. You need to know what you have to do after landing in Canada as permanent resident. Settling in a new country may be challenging and you may feel scared and alone but there is so much to do in the land of opportunity. This may be the time that is full of adventures, meeting new people and starting a new life in new country.

When you land as permanent resident in Canada, you need some important IDs that you have to apply for. Social Insurance number (SIN) is one the important IDs that you must apply. You need your SIN card to work in Canada. Without social insurance number (SIN) you are not eligible to work in Canada. It tells the government who is earning money, paying taxes, using government services such as employment insurance benefit. In Canada, it is illegal to work without a social insurance number (SIN), and you will be asked by employers, government agencies. Even when you open a bank account you will need it. Your children do not need to have a SIN card unless they get old enough to wok. However, you may apply for them anytime. You do not have to pay any fee for applying the SIN card.

Your SIN card has very sensitive information. You must call proper authorities to if it is lost or stolen. You may go to Service Canada Center or call them to inform about your card. You must not give you social insurance number (SIN) to people other than government agencies and genuine employers. You must not it on Job Application Form or write it on your resume or cover letter. You must also not give it to any person who may promise to get you job. It is attached to a lot of personal information, so it is extremely important to keep it private and in secure location.

You may go to your local Service Canada Center for an application form or you can download it from the Service Canada website. If you apply at Service Canada Center, you need to take your original documents with you. You need these documents to prove your identity. You can use your Permanent Resident Card or Record of Landing as documents of proof. If you are applying your social insurance number (SIN) by mail, you have to mail your original documents of identity along with your completed application form. Service Canada will send your original documents back after verifying your identity. Federal government operates Service Canada Centers. It is the place where you apply for your Social Insurance Number (SIN), and Employment Insurance Benefit (EI) or get information to find a job.

In conclusion, SIN card contain your private information that is extremely sensitive. You must be very cautious when giving your social insurance number (SIN) to anyone. Your identity can be stolen and can be abused by individuals and organizations. You should give it to only government or employers that you can trust. It is important that you get your social insurance number (SIN) as soon as you arrive in Canada as landed immigrant because you can not work or apply for work without it.

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