Why Choose Brazil to Retire Versus Other Countries?

Brazil is a large country in terms of its size and population but its economy remains competitive with other progressive countries. The country has been striving for excellence and in the past five years has been notable for being energy efficient, its infrastructures and growth in its real estate development. It is safe to say that investing in Brazil is a good idea. The Northeast side of Brazil particularly Ceara and Fortaleza is gaining popularity with retirees. Step-by-step this region of the country is becoming a tropical paradise to foreigners wanting to invest in real estate properties or just simply retire in this lovable country.

The cost of living in Brazil is low thus when retirees from Europe, USA and Canada come here, their money will go a long way to live a favorable life. Retirees from all over the world are coming here also and spend the rest of their life in this impressive country.

The weather in Brazil is one of the main reasons why retirees get enchanted with this place. The country is blessed with pristine and sultry beaches which makes it a perfect ambiance to relax under the sun. A lot of locals and foreigners can be found all day basking on the sand and just chatting their time away. This is the way of living to some of the locals here; they are very warm and friendly and always welcome friends with a hug and kiss. Brazilians’ really knows how to enjoy life to the fullest by spending time with friends, sharing good food, and throwing parties from dusk till dawn. Brazil is home to the statue of “Christ the Redeemer” on top of Corcovado Mountain. This shows how Catholicism has greatly influenced the life of the Brazilians’.

The food in this paradise is something that should not be missed as they offer a variety of cuisine and versatility of cooking techniques influenced by European, African, Asian and American tastes.

Brazils’ healthcare system is on par with other countries, but it is better to seek healthcare from a private system rather than a public system. This is because public system requires more waiting time and private system gives more excellent healthcare service. Retiring in Brazil has been made easier during recent times than it was before. Brazil visa information is made accessible to everyone and upon completion of requirements; one is free to settle in this country.

Mitch Bowler is an avid traveler, having lived the majority of his adult life overseas exploring different cultures and learning about the best that each has to offer the expats who live there.

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