Wholesale Bed Bath And Beyond Products

If you are going to order wholesale Bed Bath and Beyond products, there are several things that you have to assess first. You will have to keep these in mind to avoid any problems when you make the purchase.

Facts about Ordering from Bed Bath and Beyond

For now, the company does not recognize credit cards with billing addresses outside of the United States. If you are going to place the order from a registry, you have several options. The first is to order via electronic mail or fax. You have to select from the registry.

You must also include your contact number and the billing address. The credit card number and the expiration date must also be included. The shipping method should also be stated. You can also order wholesale Bed Bath and Beyond products via their telephone customer service.

Accepted Payment Forms

The company currently accepts debit cards with the Visa logo, Discover, American Express, Master Card and Visa. It is also possible to use the Bed Bath and Beyond Gift Cards. These have an 8 digit PIN you can use for ordering online. You can use a couple of these Gift Cards for every Web transaction.

If you want to use another payment form, visit the nearest store near you. They can help you with the payment form you want to use. Most, if not all the items in stores can be purchased online. But check the store just to be sure.

Other Considerations

Before you order, make sure that you have the numbers set down correctly. Examine all the options before you place the order. Prior to placing an order, think of what you will be using it for. Wholesale purchases are ideal for hotels, motels, restaurants and other similar establishments.

Information about Bed Bath and Beyond

The company was set up in 1971. It now runs numerous retail stores across Canada and the United States. Their product line ranges from medium to high end home furnishings.

Most of their products are concentrated on furnishings for the kitchen, dining, bathroom and the bedroom. The company was established by Warren Eisenberg and Leonard Feinstein. The CEO is Steven Temares and the president is Arthur Stark.

Buying wholesale Bed Bath and Beyond products should not prove too difficult provided you use the right directions. To avoid complications, it is a good idea to check the store or site prior to making an order.

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