Who Qualifies Under Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Rules?

With low crime rates and unemployment rates and a good quality of living, Canada is a very popular choice for immigrants, especially those looking to work overseas. Citizenship and Immigration Canada or CIC is the governing body that regulates the influx of immigrants into the country, and has been in existence since 1994, presently under the governance of Jason Kenney. This article aims to answer questions on who would be considered qualified immigrants to Canada based on the CIC’s criteria.

According to some statistics, over 200,000 immigrants are approved by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada annually. That’s a lot of people, and out of those individuals close to sixty percent are considered skilled workers or business immigrants. This would make it a good option for you to apply for a visa under Federal Skilled Worker if you are planning to seek employment in Canada. As for a Permanent Residence visa, this would be most advisable if you have long-term plans for overseas employment. Canada boasts of an environment conducive to personal growth as an employee, so be sure to read up on the requirements if the latter option suits your needs. One such requirement is the Right of Permanent Residence Fee, which has been at $490 since 2006.

Approval for a visa under Citizenship and Immigration Canada rules would involve several factors. Those applying for a Federal Skilled Worker or Professional class visa, these factors would include the individual’s work experience, language skills (English and/or French) and educational attainment. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada requires that an applicant attain a score of 67 or greater in order to be approved for a visa.

However, there is a simplified process for visa application that has been in place since 2006. Currently, Citizenship and Immigration Canada allows applicants to furnish their visa application forms and pay a processing fee, with no other documents required. Compared to the pre-2006 era where International English Language Testing System (IELTS) results and bank statements were strict requirements, this makes it even more convenient for individuals looking to enter the Canadian working world.

Remember that in life, the only one constant is change, and that certainly applies to the rules imposed by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Remember to check the rules before applying, as today’s policies and procedures for skilled workers could change with little to no advance notice. Being prepared and doing your homework could only work in your favor.

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