Where to Get 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Tickets

Are you excited about the upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics that will be held in Vancouver? Did you know that the selling of tickets for this much awaited event is already ongoing? That’s right and phase 3 of the ticket selling process was already completed last November 14, 2009. Continue reading this short article for information on how you can get tickets to the Olympics.

All people living in Canada – regardless of citizenship – are allowed to purchase these tickets. However, there are a few requirements which must be met in order to make a purchase:

o You need to have a valid Canadian mailing address

o You need to be in the country in between December 2009 to January 2010, so you can sign the form provided by the courier upon receiving the tickets you purchased.

o The only credit card being accepted, if you don’t want to pay in cash, is the Visa card.

But what happens if you aren’t a resident of Canada? Can you still buy tickets and watch the Winter Olympics then? The good news is that you can. You just need to figure out what ticket agent has been sponsored by your country’s National Olympic Committee.

You keep track of when the next phase for buying tickets will be. The internet is the best source for reliable information on this. Keep in mind that the tickets are being sold through phases because of the incredibly high demand for these. If you snooze you lose when it comes to your chances to get tickets for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

Keep in mind that ticket prices vary depending on two factors: (1) what winter sport you intend on watching and (2) how close to the action you want to be. More famous winter sports will have higher entrance fees. And the price increases the closer you get to the action as well.

With these things in mind, you should be more than ready to buy your 2010 Cheap Olympics Tickets.

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