What to Do If You Find That You Were Involved in a Fraud

I recently opened an account with Neteller, wanting to deposit some funds using my credit card. I looked at their site, it shows Mastercard and it mentioned that “Net+ cards are issued by Conister Trust Limited, pursuant to a license from MasterCard International Inc. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Inc.” So I thought great! They accept Mastercard.

I created an account and get onto the deposit page, taking out my Mastercard and I was surprised they do not have Mastercard option, only Visa. So I had no choice but to use my Visa card instead.

I keyed in all the particulars and submit. It came back to be saying the card was declined and their reason was “may be due to your credit card issuer’s restrictions”.

Alright, so I used a different Visa card this time and again it was declined due to the same reason. Then I clicked on my account tab, and I saw there was two declined fees charged against me due to unsuccessful transaction. I was shocked to see that I was being charged when I didn’t even get a chance to use this account!

I got onto the chat line support, and asked the support to show me where in the website does it state there is a decline charge for unsuccessful credit card transaction. She showed me this:

“Credit Card – 1.75% fee

Use your credit card (or debit card in some regions) to deposit money instantly to your NETELLER account securely using Verified by VISA or MasterCard SecureCode. Note that many credit cards will not be successful due to the nature of many of NETELLER’s merchants and restrictions that may be present upon your card.”

Everyone can see and has brains to think. This is obviously not a statement claiming that a decline fees will be charge! And, Mastercard? I asked her why there was a mastercard logo and yet they don’t accept mastercard. She told me there are restrictions in the Mastercard that does not allow them.

Well, I have reported to Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) and I was more surprised when IC3 asked me for Neteller’s details.

I went to whois to check out Neteller and it is on privacy domain. Their address is a P.O. Box! I checked out under information and it shows their address as Canada! Now isn’t Neteller suppose to be a UK site based in UK?

I went to Ripoff Reports and there were more Neteller fraud cases.

Finally, a word of precaution. Do a search on any online banking sites or any sites that need your personal details. Read the reviews or any scams that users have encountered with them.

If you ever let out any card details to them, call the bank, report loss, report stolen cards, and cancel the cards immediately before they managed to get hold of your money in the bank!