What is a Working Holiday in Japan?

A working holiday in Japan is unlike any other experience. As the term implies, this is an arrangement where you will be allowed to both have a vacation and work. There is however, more to this basic definition than you think. Before applying for it, you need to understand its deeper definitive points.

The first point that you need to understand is that this unique opportunity is not available to all individuals. You can only apply for it if you live in a country that has an agreement with the Japanese government. Among these countries are Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada, Ireland, UK, Denmark, New Zealand, Ireland, South Korea and France. If you do qualify for it, bear in mind that you will only be issued a single entry visa if you have never been on Japanese soil before. Also, once you get in, you will only be allowed to stay for a couple of months. That would be around six to twelve months, after which you need to return to your country of origin.

Applicants of working holiday visas for Japan also need to take note that their visit should primarily be for leisure or vacation purposes. In other words, the chance to find a job should only be a secondary concern and should not even be given great importance. You will only be granted entry once you have clearly documented your plans for a vacation and once you have shown proof that you are financially able to support your stay even if you never manage to get a job from which to get additional funds.

After arriving in the country, you can start looking for any job that fits your interest or skill. Be mindful though that the government only allows employment in unregulated jobs. Examples of jobs that are strictly regulated are night club positions.

Employers usually do not require applicants to have a solid grasp of the Japanese language before being accepted. Obviously though, knowing how to speak to the locals is a great advantage. You will improve your chances of getting a good position if you make sure that your language skills are at least at a basic level.

You shouldn’t miss the chance to go on a working holiday in Japan. This is definitely an extremely rich experience that you won’t regret taking. Aside from getting to enjoy a number of popular diversions, you also get the chance to discover a unique culture while you earn.

Applying For A Working Holiday Japan Visa?
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