Ways of Sponsoring Your Adult Children For a Canadian Visa

If you like Canada and have successfully moved there, it is likely that you want to take your family with you. Sponsoring your adult siblings may appeal to you, but it is complex. Despite that, the important thing is, it is doable. The rest of this article discusses different scenarios and the legitimate solutions in which sponsoring your siblings may become possible.

Orphaned Sibling

The immigration bill states that if an adult sibling is an orphan, under 18 years old, and single, he or she may be sponsored by a Canadian citizen or permanent residents. Other than this situation, the only way of sponsoring an adult sibling is to employ indirect means.

Sponsoring a parent

One of the indirect methods of sponsoring an adult sibling is by sponsoring the parent so that the parent can sponsor his or her other child. In this case, the child has to be 22 years of age or younger to be eligible for the sponsorship. Otherwise, the child that is more than 22 years old must be a full time student and has never been able to support himself/herself. This means that he or she has to be financially dependent even at age 22 or above.

Do you live alone in Canada?

If you live alone in Canada, providing that you are a citizen or a permanent resident, you may sponsor your adult sibling. This has to satisfy the requirement that no other relatives, distant or not, live within the country. This rule is actually applicable to any of your family members in your home country, regardless of the degree of relationship. You can sponsor your grandparents, uncles, cousins, and nephews or nieces.

As an independent immigrant

You older sibling may apply as an independent immigrant if your situation is unlike the ones discussed above. The circumstances in order to qualify for the Federal Skilled Immigration Class as required by Citizenship And Immigration Canada is 67 points, as of Nov2007.

The level of points must be achieved by your sibling in order to legitimately immigrate to Canada. However, if your sibling lacks points, additional points may be gained by accomplishing one or a combination of these following requirements.

1) There must be a job offer in Canada by qualified employers before immigrating to the country. This job offer must be approved by Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC)

2) A work visa must be obtained or the older sibling must gain at least one (1) year work experience from a legitimate company or employer in Canada.

3) Studying for two (2) years anywhere in Canada also earns you points.

On the other hand, using your residential status to boost the points of your adult sibling is not going to help. Moreover, it is not wise to allow your sibling to apply as an independent immigrant when the required number of points is impossible to meet.

Finally, you can also check if your sibling qualifies to any provincial nominee programs of the Canadian provinces. A Canadian visa and immigration expert can provide you free consultation. Just contact them by sending an e-mail to gather more information regarding this case.

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