Visit Rwanda – A New African Dawn!

Rwanda is one of the new tourism destinations on the African continent. The Land of the Thousand Hills is also the Land of the Thousand Hearts and offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience its magnificent culture and outstanding flora and fauna. Under a stable government that strived for reconciliation and economical development Rwanda is today one of the most stable countries on the continent. One of the ultimate highlights of Rwanda is tracking the elusive Mountain Gorillas in the Volcano national park in the west of the country. But one should not visit Rwanda just for the gorillas alone. Akagera National Park in the East offers some of the finest game viewing of the continent and Nyungwe National Park in the South is home to one of the largest concentrations of primates on earth, enabling visitors to view Chimpanzees and Colobus monkeys. To add to the ecological diversity of the country Rwanda also boosts 670 species of birds in its small boundaries of a country slightly bigger then Wales and smaller then Belgium. Culturally one can visit an Intore Dance that were once performed for the Royal Court.


How to get to Rwanda: Rwanda air Express, Kenya Airways, Sabena Brussels and Ethiopian Airlines have scheduled services to Kigali.

Entry Requirements: A valid passport is required; citizens from South Africa, USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Uganda, Tanzania, DRC, Kenya, Sweden, Mauritius and Hong Kong do not require visas. Visas can be bought on arrival for US$ 60

Currency: Rwanda Franc, cash and travelers cheques, Credit Cards only accepted in main hotels and tourist establishments.

Health: Yellow Fever Certificate and Malaria prophylaxis

When to visit: Rwanda is a year round destination. The dry season is from June to December, the wet season, with afternoon thunderstorms is from March to May and September to December.

Power Supply: 230 & 240 Volts with European Two Pin Plugs

Languages: English, French and Kinyarwanda

Travel Guide: Rwanda – Bradt Travel Guide ISBN 978 1 84162 180 7


Kigali: The countries capital and starting point of most visits to Rwanda.

Volcanoe National Park: In the West of the country situated along the Virunga Mountains. An incredible adventure to track and visit the illusive mountain gorillas.

Akagera National Park: Located in the East of Rwanda, dominated scenically by the labyrinth of swamps and lakes that follow the meandering course of the Akagera River, the most remote source of the Nile this is Big Game country.

Nyungwe National Park: Extending for 1,000 square kilometers across the majestic hills of southeast Rwanda, Nyungwe National Park is the largest block of Montana forest in East or Central Africa. Nyungwe is most alluring for its primates since it is home to 13 species.

Lake Kivu: is an extraordinarily beautiful inland sea enclosed by steep, green terraced hills along the Congolese border visit the three resort towns, Gisenyi, Kibuye and Cyangugu.

Huye: Formerly Butare it is the cultural heart of Rwanda and home to the most important university. Learn about Rwanda’s traditions in the National Museum or visit the former Royal capital close by.


To start with, you want to decide on how long of a tour you want to go on. There are tours that last 2 days and tours that go all the way up to 14 days. It is all about how much of this country you really want to experience.

There are 2 day Rwanda tours you can enjoy through Hakuna Matata Tours. Some of the highlights of this amazing tour include Kigali and the Volcanoe National Park for a short explorer of Rwanda’s capital and an exciting track of the mountain gorillas.

Another tour to consider is the 7 days Rwanda tour. This tour package Includes Kigali, a visit to the Nyungwe Forest National Park, with chimpanzee tracking, the National Museum in Huye, Gorilla Tracking in the Volcanoe National Park and Lake Kivu

If you are really wanting to experience what these Country of Africa have to offer, it is recommended to embark on the 12 days Rwanda Tour. This is the ultimate tour that allows you to visit. An exploration of all attractions of Rwanda, Kigali, Nyungwe Forest National Park, Intore Traditional Dancers, Gorilla Tracking in the Volcanoe National Park, Golden Monkey Tracking, Visit of the Batwa Pygmies Village, Volcanoe climb in the DRC, Lake Kivu, Akagera National Park and Ntaramara Church.

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