USA And Immigration Reform – What The Crux Of The Matter Really Is

There are prosperous nations in the world- Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and of course the United States of America tops the list! These countries have always attracted hordes of people from around the world- immigrants have been making their way to the United States since the past three hundred years now; but what is of concern now is that the rate of illegal immigrants entering the country has been steadily increasing, with border crossing forming a larger part of illegal immigration. People along with their children tend to cross the borders between Mexico and the United States, they enter legally but they do not go back, extending their visa limit beyond the stipulated time.

The existing channels that are available for legal immigration are also one of the many reasons that have provoked a need for change. This inadequate situation triggered the inflow of illegal immigrants – this was because, before the recession of 2008 the economic growth in the United States was booming, and that is why many immigrants who had illegally entered the country did not go back. After the recession occurred, this huge inflow has reduced to a trickle, but the gross part of the matter is that 11 million immigrants in the country still reside, whose entry has been unauthorised.


As of now, the government authorities are grappling with the problem of 12 to 20 million illegal or undocumented workers in the United States of America. This problem is steadily increasing in intensity, and an urgent need for reform is being recognized as the only method available for battling the problem.


The USA Immigration Reform focuses on the number of immigrants – both legal as well as illegal who are currently residing in the USA. President Obama said recently that he was against the deporting of illegal residents as he wanted them to have a better life but at the same time, enter the country through legal immigration channels. The immigration reform laid down delineates a pathway to citizenship over a 10-year course.


The immigration reform targets some niggling problem areas:


-Increasing border protection

-Increasing border patrol through agents

-Installing more cameras, radar towers and surveillance units

-Enhancing funds to equip detention centres

-Working closer with nations to take back their citizens

-Denying visas to people with criminal backgrounds

-Increasing fencing on the US Mexico border


-Ensure that all workers in US hold legal status

-Increase fines for illegal workers

-Increase the tempo of investigating employers who have illegal staff

-Increase the use of E-Verify across industries

-Bring down the number of documents for verifying identity proof


-Develop a web-based learning tool that increases English skills

Immigration reform is being seriously looked at by the USA government, for boosting the economy and integrating immigrants legally into the workforce.

Soumya Joshi is a content writer. She is an avid reader and loves writing articles and pieces of interest on various topics. She has written various articles on issues concerning US immigration, especially the Green Card Medical Exam and Green Card Immigration Lawyers.