Unforgettable Family Fun in Cyprus

You’ve been planning a grand vacation with your wife and kids for years, saving extra pennies whenever you can for this purpose. You’ve thought of spending a week in a South Pacific island paradise, but as it turns out, the money won’t ever be enough. Spending your vacation in Europe is your next option, but you can’t make up your mind exactly where, as you want your holiday to be a week in the sun. If this is what bothering you, it’s time you consider Cyprus, one of the most visited and safest tourist destinations in the continent.

Cyprus may not be in the tropics but it’s close enough to offer virtually the same experiences. Being an island in the Mediterranean, the coastline of Cyprus is dotted with fine beaches, secluded coves and awesome rock formations carved by the waves. The sandy beaches of Larnaca or Ayai Napa are just perfect for kids, as these have shallow waters and most are recognized as having high environmental cleanliness standards. Many resorts offer an assortment of activities that will delight the whole family: snorkeling or scuba diving, paddle boating, water skiing, para-sending and many more. Kids will especially love para-sending as a parachute pulled by a boat lifts passengers above the water, giving them a spectacular view of the surrounding area in the short moments they are aloft. In this fun activity, the kids are taught how to maneuver the chute to make it land in the beach – a really great way to teach them how to navigate by themselves.

Both you and kids will learn a lot when you travel to Cyprus. While enjoying the sun, the kids can learn about protecting endangered turtles in Lara Bay or learn about ecosystems and wildlife by walking in one of the numerous nature trails and treks. Or you can do it more conveniently by visiting the Ocean Aquarium in Ayia Napa, where your family will have a virtual journey of the world’s rivers, lakes and oceans through the more than 400 different species of water-dependent animals on display, including sharks, crocodiles and penguins in environment simulating their natural habitats. You can also watch birds, in the Bird Park or in the wild, especially migratory birds that are spending winter for some family fun as well in the Larnaka Salt Lake in Cyprus.

The country offers many amusement parks that kids will surely enjoy. Running a go-kart race with one another is a sure-fire way of having a great fun, as well as sliding down the giant slides in the Aphrodite Water Park, a popular destination usually included in the must-see list of locals and foreign tourists. Shopping in bazaars, antique stores and modern malls for knickknacks and souvenirs to take back home is another way to have some fun for the whole family. Whatever itinerary you’ll finally decide, you’ll get your dream holiday in Cyprus. And if you are from the US, UK, Canada, Australia and EU, visas are not required to travel to this paradise in the Mediterranean.

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