UK Youth Mobility Visa- The New UK Working Holiday Visa

As of November 2008 the UK working holiday visa has been replaced by a new points based system. This new scheme has come with a number of new restrictions and allowances for people looking for the adventure and experience of working and holidaying in the United Kingdom.

The role of the Youth Mobility Visa is to allow applicants the ability to work in the UK primarily to fund their holiday and travel experiences.

Most notably the new visa is only available to eligible citizens of countries offering a reciprocal scheme to British youth. So far only Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Japan run a reciprocal program, closing applications from South Africa, the USA and many current and former commonwealth countries.

This new visa has extended the working period from 12 months to the full 2 years validity of the visa, which many applicants of the former Working Holiday Visa has struggled to comply with. The visa is not available for extension or renewal and applicants must leave the United Kingdom on or before the end date of the visa or face breaking UK immigration laws and subsequent deportation.

The cost of applying has fallen by almost half down to 99GBP, and successful applications are granted within 6 – 8 weeks.

Applicants can accrue the 50 points required for eligibility of the Youth Mobility Visa by meeting the following criteria

  • 30 points – Be a citizen of Australia, Canada, New Zealand or Japan
  • 10 points – Be over the age of 18
  • 10 points – Have proof of access to 1600GBP or equivalent to fund the initial stay in the UK

Applicants must not have any dependent children under the age of 18, and must not have been in the UK previously as a working holiday maker or on the Youth mobility scheme.

All this information is available on the British Home office website here and for more information on working and holidaying in the UK including obtaining tax numbers and opening bank accounts visit my site, below.

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