TVI Express Review – Is This a Legitimate Business?

TVI Express — scam or legitimate opportunity? Today’s article delivers you the direct facts that you will need to know about this opportunity before you part with your hard earned cash and jump on board this company.

TVI Express was set up in early 2009 and quickly established a massive buzz created around its travel products and earning potential. With the headquarters based in London, U.K. The Corporation has launched in India, China, then to the US and Canada in August, 2009. Just like lots of other M.L.M opportunities TVI has not escaped the pyramid scheme stigma that comes up from time to time with firms of this nature. As opportunists it’s very important for us to always carry out our full research on all home based companies baring in mind there are lots of scams and folks out there who need little more a part from to rip us off.

Firstly let’s outline what a ‘pyramid scheme’ really is. It’s presented as a so call opportunity which involves members to signup others into the business in return for money, everyone recruited all have the high hopes that fortune will directly follow, there’s no product delivered by the company. In near all Multi-Level Marketing companies a service or product has traditionally been present and TVI Express is no different.

The TVI Express scam fortuitously doesn’t exist. The company supplies access to a first-class travel membership. Members will be able to book flights, automobiles, hotels, and cruises all at reduced prices. Having a TVI membership also means you receive a free 7 night holiday to a chosen destination which has a free return flight for one when you join up. With great incentives like this it is no surprise that TVI attracted over two hundred thousand members within the first 6 months.

TVI Express has however created a large amount of controversy over their travel certificate programme. Most sceptics of this business have labelled the TVI Express scam typically stating specific concerns over the no current corporate address noted on the TVI website, no corporate data or executive bios on the TVI Express Executives, no listing in Britain corporations Registry for TVI Express, the company is not now accepting visa cards for payment, TVI Express has suspended redemption on their travel certificate and so on. The facts are their for all to see and in my opinion whether this is a TVI Express scam or not will this corporation be around for the long haul?

The TVI business model incentivises representatives to actively work the business by having a great earnings and bonus structure. The company boasts large financial claims stating you can make $10,000 within your first week or 2, however is this realistic? Regularly when people hear claims of this nature they are rather drawn in by the income potential although it will also send alarm bells ringing that this could indeed be a TVI Express scam. Realistically only a few marketers are ever able to generate this sort of earnings straight away, if your targeted, determined and have an idea about actual marketing then setting yourself a 3-6 month plan is a smart idea, hopefully after that time period you could be able to generate a 5 figure monthly revenue though don’t expect it to be straightforward, those of you who have worked in M.L.M previously can fully appreciate how troublesome it can be to really kick start your business. Experienced marketing experts who’ve personally branded themselves have massive followings from all over the world, when they jump to a new opportunity a wave of their supporters will follow suit so making a five figure revenue in a matter of days, do not be fooled though by the giant income claims that they put on their internet site, if your only starting in network marketing it will take you a bit to actually get things moving.

Joining TVI costs $250 though your precise cost is more like $300 when you think about VAT and bank wire fees and so on. Once you pay for membership you will receive an official internet site together with back office for you to run and keep your business well organised. Within there you will also find access to your travel membership site and free vacation. The great thing about this business is there are no further monthly costs to pay which is great and if you like the idea of the free holiday which members receive just for signing up makes this opportunity virtually risk free.

The business is based around everyone recruiting two reps and that is about it. As a distributor you are placed on the traveller board, after you recruit 2 and help others to do the same you will cycle to the top of the board and are paid $500 and $250 is awarded in an eVoucher which can often be exchanged for flights and hotels etc. You are then placed on the express board, once your team grows and you move up the board you are paid a particularly handsome figure of $10,000 and a $5,000 eVoucher, when you cycle off the express board you enter another one and the process then continues to repeat itself over and over.

An exceedingly important factor to think about in your business plan when joining TVI is how are you going to market the business and attract others to join. Thousands of marketeers fail within this industry every month solely because they overlook this significant point, what marketing method will you choose to ensure you rise out from the rest?

Finally is TVI Express scam or good opportunity. I think by now we have fully confirmed the latter. Understanding marketing strategies will help you build your business quickly. Learning effective personal branding techniques is easy, Click the link NOW and learn how we are going to explode your business starting TODAY