Travelling to Canada – Visitor’s Visas

Traveling to Canada from overseas? Generally Americans traveling to Canada have a fairly easy time to cross the border, as long as they have the necessary documentation and all is in order. However for those gravelling from afar it may be a somewhat more complex and rigorous process. All in all it’s a matter of proper preparation and documentation. That is of course the travelers and tourists are prudent in satisfying the current equipments of documentation and process.

Nothing takes the requirements for full and thorough reading of the necessary forms. If you are unsure of words or what they mean or translate to – have someone else read the papers as well. If you are still unsure take the forms to your experienced travel agents and / or make an appointment to visit your lawyer or legal agent.

Along with this you need what are termed authorized “leave of absence” letters. These are in essence a letter from your employer stating your title or position, salary, length of time if employ with the firm or organization and of course the authorized time period of length of leave (either with or without pay). Be sure that dates on the letter correspond with the length of time and duration that you are requesting to stay in the country of Canada.

Along with these tour documents provide and disclose any precious such applications and attempts to visit Canada. It does not matter even if your application was made 10 years ago. If you do not automatically disclose such information you may well considered being in a situation of non-disclosure to the border and immigration officials and you may well find that you may be denied entry into the country.

How much money should you state that you have available? It can be travel feast and famine. You may well have saved for your excursion and have a healthy amount of cash and funding available. Be honest both with your access to funds and the amount of travel cash that you have on hand and at your disposal. Honesty and documentation of source of funds is always the best policy.

If you do have relatives and friends in the Dominion of Canada this can be an asset in your travel submissions. You can obtain and complete an “Affidavit of Support” via friends and family. This provides proof to immigration , travel and counselor staff , especially if you are staying over an extended time period , first of all providing a valid and recognized introduction and secondly providing reassurance and verification of financial support and stability if need be. Again your travel agency firm or your legal representatives can be of assistance in these matters. Along with this provision an actual or planned itinerary of your travels or planned excursions can be most helpful and supportive to embassy staff as well.

In regards to any of these matters it is always best to plan ahead. Do not leave any of the steps or procedures until the last minute. Unplanned hitches and flies in the ointment are guaranteed to occur. On top of that these snowball, resulting in delays, more frustrations and more frustrations, problems and even travel and tour conflicts. If payment is needed pay promptly with proper and valid documents and financial instruments nothing can be less helpful and impressive than a check, money order or draft drawn up wrong or improperly. Lastly any appointments that are made must be kept and attended to, prudently and on time. If something comes up and you will not be able to attend or be late always phone ahead, explain, rebook the appointment and explain properly the issue. Of course this should only occur on a one time basis and not be repeated.

All in all prepare. Fill out the forms properly, well ahead of time. Pay and fees, attend any necessary meetings. Be on time. Lastly always be truthful.

Enjoy your travel vacation trip or extended long stay visit to Canada.

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