Tourist Visa For Canada – How to Apply From Pakistan

Canada is a favorite destination for the tourists all over the world. However, it is really a tough task to obtain a tourist visit visa especially when you are applying from a developing country like Pakistan. You have to substantiate your claim of being a genuine visitor with voluminous documentation and details. Onus lies on you to establish that you are genuine visitor and would return back to your homeland without violation of the visit visa terms. For this purpose, you have to prove that you have strong social and pecuniary ties in your country.

However, first you have to decide that which visa is appropriate for you; whether it be a single entry or multiple entry visa. Single entry visa allows you a single entry in Canada while the multiple visa allows you frequent visits within a specific period. However, if you are applying for the first time, it would be appropriate if you apply for single entry visa. In case, you are lucky enough to get a visa and you returned back without committing any violation of the Visit Visa you can afford to apply for multiple visit visa.

In case you are very confident about your financial credibility and social ties in your motherland, you can opt to go for multiple visit visa with complete documentation. You have to prove your actual circumstances in your homeland beyond any iota of doubt with necessary documentary evidences.

Appropriate forms for Visit Visa can be obtained from:

These forms include; a check list (IMM 5484), Application for Temporary Resident Visa Made Outside of Canada [IMM 5257], Family Information [IMM 5645], Schedule 1 regarding application for a Temporary Resident Visa Made Outside of Canada [IMM 5257. All these documents must be filled in online. However, there are other forms which are not relevant if you are applying for a visit visa as a tourist.

The applications for Tourist Visit Visa are not accepted by the Canadian High Commission. The Citizens of Pakistan and Afghanistan are required to submit their visa applications through Fedex or TCS Courier Services. Hand written or manually typed applications would not be acceptable. As mentioned earlier you would be required to fill in the applications online and get the print out for submission. Please ensure that all the columns of the forms are filled in appropriately. Please write ‘not applicable’ in the columns which are not relevant to your circumstances. Fee for a single entry visa is Rs.5,250/- which is to be deposited in the designated branches of Standard Chartered Bank Limited. In case, you are allowed a Visa, please prepare for an extensive interview from the Canadian Immigration Officer on the Canadian Airport as a Visa is not a guarantee that you would be allowed entry to Canada.