Top Ten Reasons For US Residents to Vacation in San Juan Puerto Rico

1.The beaches in and around San Juan are some of the most beautiful in the world. With white sand and green water, you can’t help but sit back and relax with your feet in the warm Caribbean sea. For the more adventurous, there is plenty of great snorkeling and scuba diving.

2. San Juan is just a short flight away from many other Caribbean islands, including Tortola in the British Virgin Islands and St. Thomas

3. Le Lo Lai festival. It goes on all year round and showcases the heritages of the local people, who are of Indian, African, and Spanish backgrounds. Tickets for a weekly series of events can be purchased for$US10

4. Fort Cristobal. It is one of the oldest and largest fortresses built in the Americas. It has over 100 foot walls that look graceful and powerful when the ocean’s waves crash into them. There are also guided tours in English and Spanish.

5. San Juan Bay. The largest port in the Caribbean is located here. There are shops all around, carrying everything from gold jewelry to local arts and crafts. There are always cruise ships pulling up so there is always a chance to see one of these giant vessels up close.

6. Paseo de la Princesa. This place is located on the southern tip of San Juan and is the former location of a Spanish Prison. Several festivals are held here throughout the year and there is a beautiful view of Isla deCabras, a small island in San Juan Bay.

7. The parks in San Juan are everywhere you turn. There is a a variety of parks, everything from small parks in church yards to big parks with giant rolling hills, great for flying kites or just looking out at the sea.

8. The museums. There are dozens of museums in San Juan alone, not counting Old San Juan and surrounding areas. There is no shortage of educational sites to hit in San Juan

9. English is spoken by a majority of the residents of San Juan. Sure, it’s more like Latin America than the United States, but you would be surprised by how many people can speak English.

10. U.S. residents don’t need a passport or visa to travel to Puerto Rico! A passport is required to travel everywhere in the Caribbean and even Canada now, but when you arrive at

San Juan International Airport all you will need is a state issued driver’s license or a state issued photo identification.

For more information on San Juan visit Welcome to Puerto Rico.