Tips on Touring Kenya

Kenya has a long cultural history, people from 52 different tribes, many places for adventure and wildlife, making it an ideal tourist destination. It’s extremely important to have a visa before closing the Kenyan border. Visas are valid for thirty days and, you can easily have the details online from the Kenya Embassy. All commonwealth countries, UK and Canada visitors do not need visas. You can have a single entry visa if you only want to explore Kenyan adventures or have a multiple visa, which in this case you will tour Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

The best time for you to travel and enjoy your holiday is during the dry season. During this time, the roads are accessible and you will have a chance to view many wild animals. Kenya experiences two rainy seasons in a year. The long rains come between March and May, while the short rains come in November. This time is not ideal for travelling since some roads and parks are not accessible. Infrastructure is not very good especially in the itineraries and sometimes, you will encounter pit holes, livestock crossing the roads and even harsh police road blocks. I would recommend that you avoid driving at night since you could cause unnecessary accidents. While driving in the city center, always keep the windows closed to keep off car Thieves and pickpockets.

A safari to Kenya can hardly succeed without the help of local tour operators, since they have all the the information you need regarding the beauty of this country. You have to be very keen when dealing with tour operators. Always choose those that are trained and experienced in order to satisfy all your needs and requirements. Remember, it’s only a tour operator who can satisfy, safeguard and offer you a lifetime adventure making you and other visitors come for more. Its also highly recommended to have immunization against such diseases like typhoid, yellow fever, diphtheria, hepatitis A and meningitis. There is also a high risk of Malaria in most parts of the country, therefore, make sure you have the right anti-malaria medication.

Kenya is a developing country with a high population growth rate. Most of the people are poor although they are welcoming, friendly and hospitable. To understand this, you will need to tour the itineraries where you will be welcomed with dance and music. The American Embassy bomb blast of 1998 which killed 243 and left over 1,000 people injured brought down the tour industry to its knees. As if that was not enough, another car bomb explosion outside a hotel in Mombasa killed 15 people. Since then, security has greatly improved and you need to check terrorism information with your foreign office. Tourism industry is still the second largest export after Agriculture and many tourists still come to Kenya in large numbers.

Jackline Mwathe Is A Tour Operator And Has Been Organizing And Reporting On Kenya Vacation, Travel And Tours For Years. For more information on African Tourism, visit her site at TOURING KENYA