Three Things You’ll Need For Internship Programs In Japan

There are some internship programs in Japan that foreigners are eligible for. You might want to submit an application yourself considering that the country is one of the best places to learn the best international work standards. Before you do submit applications though, there are a few things you need to have on hand first.

Working Holiday Visa

A special visa that’s specifically indicated for a working holiday is one of the first things you need to secure. Unfortunately, this isn’t a document that anyone can obtain. It is particularly available to citizens of France, Germany, Australia, Korea, Canada and the U.K. to name a few. These are the countries with which Japan has a special agreement with. Applicants should also be 18 to 30 years old upon application.

There are other details that you need to iron out before you can qualify for a working holiday visa and an internship program. You will need to furnish your comprehensive resume, a detailed plan of activities in the country, your reasons for applying and clear proof of funds.

Language Skills

Obviously, as an intern, you will be communicating on a daily basis with local co-workers and customers. Language proficiency is therefore a clear requirement. For low-level positions, you may need no more than a one year language study experience.

Depending on the service that you choose to help you process your application, you may have to complete an assessment session. Once your language skills are properly classified, you may be permitted to move on to the next phase of application or you may be recommended to take a more intensive course.

For applicants of internship programs, it is a must to go beyond just memorizing characters and their translations. There is also a need to learn how to use the language in relation to context and culture. In Japan, polite speech is a critical factor especially in the hospitality industry. This means you need to learn how to correctly depending on the age and position of the person you are addressing. This may require extensive tutoring in Keigo or honorifics.

Correct Schedule

You can’t choose to apply at any time of the year if you hope to get accepted as an intern. The summer resorts in Japan usually have peak seasons from July to September so applications are processed starting the first week of May. If you want to work in a winter resort instead, you’d have to be available to apply and start work by December. For hotels in the city, applications are processed every month except for January to February.

The key here is to identify where you would like to work. Winter resorts in Hokkaido, Nagano and Niigata are popular destinations for interns because they are allowed to enjoy the facilities after work hours. Depending on the resort, workers may also be provided subsidized accommodations and meals.

These are only three of the top requirements you’ll need to get accepted for internship programs in Japan. Once you’ve made sure that you’ve taken care of these, the other steps to apply and process your documents will be pretty easy to handle. To make things even easier on you, consider submitting your application through expert services.

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