Three Crucial Steps to Prepare Your Resume

One of the most important tools that will help you find a job in Canada is your resume. The way you prepare this relevant document may be a CRUCIAL factor when you look for a job in Canada. Today, I will help you prepare an outstanding resume that will help you “sell yourself” to the Canadian companies.

Remember, the structure of a resume may change from one country of another! For this reason, my goal is to help you prepare an amazing resume to make your life much easier when you arrive to Canada!

This article will not only help you prepare a resume for Canadian companies, but also for the Canadian government so that you can impress the Visa Officer!

In order to write an effective resume, you have to understand the purpose of the resume. You may think its purpose is to convince an employer or the Canadian Government that you are valuable, but there are other important goals! The purpose of a resume is not only to entice a prospective employer, but also the Visa Officer if you decide to do so. You’re showing off what you have to offer in order to get his or her attention. When you realize that, then you can approach the creation of your resume with the right attitude.

We’re going to take a step-by-step approach to putting together your resume.

Step 1: Decide on a Format

Typically, there are two formats for the average resume-writer to choose from: chronological and functional. The chronological is probably the one most of us are familiar with. It’s the one that lists your employment experience from the your most recent job to your first job. The functional resume, on the other hand, arranges your work experience in terms of the skills you acquired. Most employers don’t have a preference over which you submit, but different formats work better for different situations.

Use the chronological format when:

-You have a lengthy and steady job history

-You are looking for a position in your current field

-You are trying for a job in a field that is more focused on experience than on skills, such as management and teaching

Use the functional format when:

-You are just starting out in the workforce or are returning after an extended absence

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