The World of Fleeting Opportunities

What do birds do when the weather begins to turn cold? They fly to another country where the weather is warmer. This move from one place to another is called migration when the local weather and environments become indifferent. The birds migrate to a better climate where it is more comfortable for them and their families. Human beings have the same instinct as animals; they look for better opportunities, growth and safety for themselves and their families.

This inborn instinct leads to a search of destinations which provides new opportunities. Many immigrants plan to live in the new country for a long period of time. They want to become citizens of the new country. The number of people who immigrate to a new country is very large. About 250 million people change countries annually. That might sound like a lot of people. Actually, that is only about three of every one hundred citizens of the world or 3.30%.

There are many countries which provide immigration to professionals, topping the list is Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and Denmark. According to their economic and demographic requirements these countries, roll out a list of skilled people who can contribute to their growth to whom they offer the permanent residency program. The aspirants for immigration also need to fulfill certain other core requirements as laid down by the government of a specific country. The visa issued to persons wishing to live permanently in a foreign country is called an Immigrant Visa. These countries provide varied benefits to their citizens and permanent residents.

Some salient benefits are listed below:

• Ability to leave/ enter the country at your will without having any risk of being denied a re-entry.

• Right to apply for government sponsored financial aid for education

• Permission to work in any company located in the country except for companies that only hire citizens.

• Permission to start your own business/ create your own corporation

• Retirement benefits

• Immunity against any future changes in immigration laws

• Eligible for government grants

• Easier to get mortgage for home and other requirements

• Easier rules for health and insurance policies

• Tax benefits in many entries to permanent residents over work permit holders

• Legally own movable or immovable property

• In some countries you are entitled to sponsor your close relations for similar Permanent Residency to enable families to live together

With the Indian Government granting benefits to people of Indian Origin living abroad almost at par with Indian Citizens, with some exceptions, it is a double benefit to acquire a Permanent Residency abroad which meets your needs better.

In the current fast changing world scenarios, the inter country boundaries becoming more flexible, people who have the foresight and courage are the ones who are taking optimum advantage of the opportunities available globally. If you have the potential and courage like the migratory birds this is the time to venture into the new world of fleeting opportunities.

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