The Rise of Travel Nurses and Travel Nurse Companies

The travelling nurses industry has already picked up. This has resulted into having a number of travel nurse companies soaring recently. Right now, both Canada and the United States of America are experiencing a shortage in terms of nurses. They have been experiencing this in the past coups of years.

Given this phenomenon, travel nurse companies are searching for nurses. These companies send the nurses that they are able to acquire to the hospitals that need this extra manpower. The nurses who are being sent in various locations are able to enjoy travelling as well as having a lucrative salary. They also receive different insurance such as medical, life, dental, health, and vision insurances. They are also being given allowances for their food as well as for their lodging. Aside from that, their trips towards their destination are all-expense paid. A retirement package may also be given to them as part of their benefits.

Depending on which company employs them, some of them may also enjoy allowances that will allow them to pursue graduate studies. Also, other companies give their employees bonuses for their loyalty or if they will be able to refer another worker to the company. In this way, the current nurses are being encouraged to stay. More than that, they are also able to help the company in searching for more professionals in the field of health care.

Since there is a shortage in terms of manpower in both the US and Canada, some companies do open up the employment to the other countries. The companies that are often being tapped are the Philippines, United Kingdom, South Africa, India and Australia. There are high standards that have to be met by the health care professionals. For the applicants who came from countries that are not English-speaking, they must first pass the exams that test their skills in comprehending and in writing English. In particular, three exams have to be passed. The first exam is the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). For one to pass the TOEFL, he must score at least 540. The second test is the Test of Spoken English (TSE). The passing score for TSE is 50. Finally, the applicant must also pass the Test of Written English (TWE), by acquiring a score of at least 4.0.

Visas are also being required. Since there is a shortage in nurses in the United States and Canada, these countries have been less strict in granting visas to nurses. Being granted with a visa means not having any record on criminality. Some companies also require the applicant to have a nursing license in his home country.

Oftentimes, companies do require a certain level of educational equipment and some working experience. The usual educational requirement for applicants is that they must at least have finished a 3-year nursing course from an accredited university. These graduates are expected to have backgrounds in psychiatric care, midwifery, paediatrics, adult clinical surgery, and adult clinical medicine.

Usually, traveling nurses receive a higher pay than the normal nursing staff. If the benefits will be compared to the ones being received by a nurse in his original country, it could be seen that it is exponentially higher. Aside from that, being one among the many travel nurses is also good because it brings more openings to other job opportunities.

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