The Pros and Cons of Psychic Lines

Psychic Lines – love them or hate them – are here to stay. First started in the 1980’s we now have customers in the world that have known them since birth! My nine year old son has never had a cassette player nor compact disk player – he has an iPod and will probably graduate into an era of 3D hologram/virtual reality readings via internet, or whatever comes next is any psychic’s guess.

And that highlights the biggest strength of a psychic telephony service (telephone, typed chat or video) – its instant. Customers can now select their reader, create a payment account and start their reading within 99 seconds. And the selection isn’t easy – in fact, that’s part of the fun of it. Faces work best when trying to psychically connect, in person or at distance, and even though the psychic can usually only hear you, it really does help to be able to see what the reader looks like.

One of the features that flows on from the accessibility of psychic telephony is the selection available, just like at a psychic expo where you have the choice of tarot readers, clairvoyants, astrologers, numerologists, mediums, angel channellers, energy/aura readers; especially for Australians living 30 km from the nearest petrol station, psychic lines not only offer an availability in options and availability in time but also in space.

The best platforms have photos and descriptions of their readers and the style of the readings they offer. Some lines use thirty year old technology with only a magazine ad and a 1902 number, some have websites, some have websites with photos, and the best have live, interactive websites that actually show you whom is busy and whom is not. This is also very telling because you can see how busy the line actually is, which is a big indicator of its success, and thus, the quality of its busy-ness.

Another positive feature of an interactive website is its ability to communicate honestly and transparently to its customers. The best have a rating system (such as 1 to 5 stars) which can be entered at the end of the call – the computer then displays the real average star rating from all of the ratings and this is an excellent indicator of the satisfaction (and thus quality) of each reader. Likewise, the readings counter tells you how long they have been operating on the system – have they only done 3 calls or taken 3000? At 20 mins each that’s 60,000 minutes or 1000 hours of psychic reading. Another feature seen now is the typed comments from clients. I don’t know of many sites that does this other than one where all clients’ comments, good and bad, are left to be viewed by everyone, forever. Now that’s honest.

So, to summarise the Pros of this equation, we have instant accessibility (at any time from any where in the world), a choice of readers by person and modalities, and also one of honest customer satisfaction and feedback on the more sophisticated websites. No matter what one thinks of the validity and evidence of ‘psychic powers’, the continued success and growth of psychic lines show that it is of the public’s opinion (i.e. the paying customers) and positive judgement that psychic lines ‘do work’, are worth the money, and that the operators are truly demonstrating psychic abilities in the expected manner. Now let’s look at the Cons.

Contra reasons for psychic lines are somewhat limited, but there’s a few. Let’s start small. My first irritation is people who disrespect psychics and themselves by calling the lines for small and trivial matters instead of taking responsibility for themselves, like, thinking about it, improving themselves, learning practical life philosophy and so on. By having many readings for the same topic a person is not respecting the wisdom given already – the reader can only illuminate the way, but the readee is the one that must walk the path. Funnily enough, ethical psychics just love helping people get better, so with time, we help them not need us!

Another con about psychic lines is that there is an opportunity for taking advantage of the client’s time and money by ‘keeping them on the line’ for as long as possible. As a manager of a psychic line I am asked by new psychics joining us “How long do we have to keep them on the line for?”! This absolutely shocks me and just indicates that there’s some very unethical providers out there. Some psychic lines use members of an approved psychics association which upholds a very nice Code of Ethics that stops things like this from happening, and in an Government-UNregulated industry like ours it falls on the non-profit associations to set the national standards for good ethical practice.

Okay, I know you’re waiting for it – MONEY! It costs a lot. Buckets. Heaps. Lots… or does it? Let’s look at it by method; there’s 1902 ‘pay-it-on-your-phone-bill’ Premium Rates and there’s the 1800/1300 free call numbers. 1902 lines in Australia are capped at $5.50 per minute (pm) including tax, but is there a bottom-cap? Actually, there is. It consists of the 1902 provider’s fees (remember, it’s 2 inter/national phone calls – one from the caller to the computer-server, and then from there to the psychic), and government bad debt payments and taxes. Roughly, for a $5 pm line it’s about $2 pm. So where does the other $3 go? Well, the advertiser needs to get some to pay for the advertising, the advertiser/owner needs to make a profit from it, and of course, the psychic always likes to get paid too. If you consider an even split, that’s about a dollar per minute each on $5 pm. This is a very common setup – $300 per hour and there are Australian psychics that charge more than this, but just consider that if half of this is for the convenience and delivery of the reading, the value of the reader would be about $150 ph, and I think that is a fair reflection of the quality you would expect of a ‘they-can’t-see-you’ psychic reading.

1800/1300 lines operate a different payment structure and are much more cost-effective. This is because the number is a simple reverse-charge call to the psychic line provider, and then the call centre will forward on and connect that call with the reader, wherever they are in the world. For example, a call centre may be in London, so calls divert to London, the operator helps the caller set up a MasterCard or Visa account, helps them select the reader of their choice and then connects that call directly to the psychic! The psychics may be in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA, Canada, Mexico and South Africa! Because of this a better rate of a dollar per minute less or so than the phone bill payment rate can be offered as you are not paying for the psychic-line-provider’s fees.

By comparison, some psychic expo psychic readings are $45 for 25 minutes. A typical 20 minute call package to a line would be $5.90 for the first 10 minutes plus 10 x $3.95 = $45.40, only 5 minutes less for the same money but without the queue! Lastly, let’s not forget the big picture. Just like ANY psychic reading, where else can you go for totally confidential wisdom and advice, where they *are* allowed to give practical advice, be honest with you in opinion AND have proven ESP? Nowhere else except a psychic reading can you go for this. Lawyers can’t, counsellors can’t, psychologists can’t and your real estate agent can’t, but a psychic can. Go call a psychic today.

Dr Jason Betts is the 2008 Australian Psychic of the Year and the 2010 Tasmanian Psychic of the Year as awarded by the Australian Psychics Association. He is the founder of the Tasmanian Psychic Expos (1995) and editor of the Tasmanian Natural Therapy Directory (1995). In addition, he is the editor of The World Genius Directory and is a member of many high IQ societies. Jason holds a mathematics degree, postgraduate degrees in philosophy, diplomas of massage and acupuncture and currently hold correspndance classes for a Doctorate of Divinity. His main website is and also has created EarthHeart and The Meaning of Life.