The Growing Trend of Weight Loss Surgery

Obesity and health issues related to it have become a major problem of this era. According to National Institute of Health, it has become a second leading cause of death. More and more patients therefore, are opting for weight loss surgeries. According to study conducted by Department of Surgery, University of California, bariatric operations performed in the United States increased by 450% between 1998 and 2002. To address this boom, the number of bariatric centers increased by 146% and the number of bariatric surgeons increased by 144%.

The cost of healthcare in various places like US, Canada and UK is very high. Therefore, the patients have started looking for cheaper options. Due to its low cost of healthcare, Mexico, a neighboring country of US, has emerged as one of the leading medical tourism destination for various medical procedures like Weigh loss surgery.

The cost of Weight Loss Surgery Mexico is cheaper than that of several places like US. Therefore, more and more obese patients are considering Bariatric Surgery Mexico.

Availability of quality treatment in Mexico is another reason for popularity of Mexico. Many experienced bariatric surgeons offer Weight Loss Surgery Mexico. A number of them are certified surgeons who have international training and work experience. Number of hospitals in Mexico is well equipped with advanced technologies. Some of the hospitals also provide facilities like Internet, TV, library, air ambulance, etc to their medical tourists.

According to a research, report by University of Arizona, patient care in Mexico is pleasant in high-end hospitals.

Again, Mexico being a border country to US is easily accessible. There is no requirement of a Visa. Rather a tourist card is required that can be obtained from any of the Mexican consulates and with the airlines.

Due to the above-mentioned benefits, Weight Loss Surgery Mexico has become a growing trend among medical tourists.

Seema Khandelwal
Practice Buzz