The Great Expanses of the Canadian Yukon – The Wild West of the North

Sometimes, people just crave a real-life adventure. If you are this sort of person, look into visiting the Yukon Territory in Canada. As one of the more untamed locations on Earth, the vast expanses of wilderness in the Yukon offer a lot more than your typical sort of vacation. All you need is a passport in order to be able to break out into the wilderness of the Yukon Territory. You don’t need visas or vaccinations for this trip. Getting a passport renewal form from an online passport agency makes preparing much easier.

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The world famous Northern Lights are visible during the winter in the Yukon Territory. Elegant bands of green, purple, pink, blue, and white wave through the air, and you’ll soon see why the Aurora Borealis has been declared one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. Where you see these Northern Lights all depends on a whim. Whether it’s from a warm cabin, a bubbly hot tub, a mountain top that pierces the clouds, or anywhere else, you might find yourself a little breathless.

The untamed wilderness of the Yukon attracts explorers from all over the world. Rigorous physical activities, including mountain biking, whitewater rafting, trekking, mountain climbing, or kayaking, are all taken to the extreme when done in the raw wilderness of the Yukon. Another good way to experience the outdoors is on horseback. Exploring mountain trails and wandering through the green meadows is much more engaging when done from horseback. Cycling is another way to explore the wilderness in a high-adrenaline sort of way.

The wildlife of the Yukon is plenteous and very unique. All sort of plants, mammals, birds and other forms of wildlife are out there waiting to be found, so all that’s left to do is find them. The Yukon features a very different type of safari, one that takes you into the wilderness of the deep north as opposed to the great savannas of Africa. Moose, grizzly bears, black bears, peregrine falcons, owls, eagles, hawks, wolves, and caribou are some of the residents you might encounter out in the wild, along with many others. And whether you decide to walk, bike, fly, drive, or go on horseback, you are bound to meet some of them.

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