The Diversity of Micronations

Micronations are quite often expressions of political protest, theoretical experimentation, personal entertainment, artistic expression, or the conduct of criminal activity. Some micronations issue postage stamps, coins and medals, have flags and issue passports. The latest list of micronations reports how diverse they are, both in location, political and social alliance.

Whangamomona Republic was formed as a tourism booster in 1989, in a rural town in New Zealand. The locals had become disillusioned when the government disclosed plans to move the area’s district boundaries. A goat and a poodle are among the past-elected presidents. Visitors receive a Whangamomona passport.

In 1978 the Aeterna Lucina micronation was created, within the borders of Australia. Paul Baron Neuman is its self-proclaimed baron. Several associated businessmen were charged in 1990, with land and visa fraud.

In 1980 Aromoana was established when a small New Zealand community declared itself independent, as an objection against the building of an aluminum smelter on nearby land.

In 1981 Atlantium was declared a global sovereignty group based in Australia, founded by George Francis Cruishank.

Established 2008, Austenasia has three privately owned properties and a constitutional monarchy. They declared themselves independent in South London, under the leadership of Johathan Austen.

Later elected to the Tasmanian state parliament, John Charlton Rudge, an eccentric self-proclaimed duke, founded Avram, in the 1980s. It claims it is non-territorial.

Intended to revive the British colony of the same name, British West Florida was formed in 2005.

Barony of Caux, an absolute feudal barony, was formed in 2001. It boasts around 80 subjects worldwide. The baron, John V Corbett, resides in Ontario, Canada.

The Conch Republic, was formed in1982, in the Florida Keys, claimed independence from the USA, under Dennis Wardlow’s leadership.

Run from a caravan park in Norfolk, England, by Nick Copeman, Copeman Empire was created in 2003. Copeman calls himself HM King Nicholas 1.

Established in 2004, the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom, of the Coral Sea Islands, is a political protest, run by Dale Anderson, in southeast Queensland, Australia.

Elleore was formed in 1944, by a group of school teachers as a summer camp on the island of Elleore, Denmark.

Claiming Wake Atoll in the Marshall Islands, EnenKio, was formed in1994. It has been declared a scam for selling passports and diplomatic papers.

Stuart Hill declared Forvik, an islet in the Shetland and independent from Scotland in 2008.

Frestonia was created through a legal dispute in 1977, over the unauthorized performance by Heathcote Willims, of his play the Immortalist.

With its capital in Iowa, Global Country of World Peace was formed in 2000. It is a country without borders for peace loving people everywhere, says Maharaja Adhiraj Rajaraam.

Formed in 2002, Hajducka Repoblika Mijata Tomica is a protest project based in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was created when there were problems with the local electricity supply.

Richard Booth declared Hay-on-Wye in Wales independent in 1977, as a publicity stunt.

A large farm in Western Australia is known as the Hutt River Province. It was created in 1970.

A ball-shaped house built by artist Edwin Lipburger and located in Vienna Prater, Kugelmugel was formed in 1984. Lipburger was protesting against building permits.

Ladonia, was created by Swedish artist Lars Viks in 1980, as the home of sculpturers in north-west Skane.

Lagoan Isles, 2005, is run by self-proclaimed Grand Duke Louis Stephans. He states that the three tiny islands of Portsmouth pond are not owned by the local council.

L’Anse-Saint-Jean was formed by Denys Tremblay in 1997, to promote tourism in a tiny town of Quebec.

Kingdom of Lovely was created in 2004 by Danny Wallace, as part of the BBC TV series How to Start Your Own Country. This micronation is Internet-based.

Lundy, an island off the west coast of England, has had semi-independent status under various warlords. Established in 1925.

Melchizedek, established 1986, is well known for facilitating large scale banking fraud in many different locations of the globe. It is run by Richard James McDonald.

Formed by Kevin Baugh, in 1977, Molassia occupies a semi-rural residential acreage in Nevada. Baugh uses poker chips as money.

Northern Forest Archipelago, formed in1998, is environmentally focused and located in the northeastern United States. It has several privately-owned properties in the Northern Forest area of New York State.

Nova Roma is an organization of Roman revivalists, founded in1998.

Other World Kingdom, formed in1996, is an absolute monarchy/matriarchy where women rule over all men, located in the Czech Republic.

Pescenica, established in the 1990’s, is a satirical parodical project, ruled by dictator Zeljko Malnar, located in Croatia.

Rainbow Creek was formed 1979, when Tomas Barnes seceded from Victoria, Australia, over damage to farmlands created by flooding.

Established in 1947, Saugeais is an officially sanctioned micronation located in eastern France.

Paddy Roy Bates, also known as HRH Prince Roy, commandeered Sealand, in 1967. It sits up out of the ocean, as a manmade World War II base off the coast of England.

Serboga, formed in 954, claims it has never been part of the modern Italian state.

Robert Ben Madison created Talossa as a bedroom kingdom in 1979, in Wisconsin.

Created in 1997, Uzupis in Lithuania, flies its own flag, has its own currency, president and constitution.

Vikesland was founded in Canada in 2005, for the purposes of a television documentary.

Valtio was formed by Ari Peltonen in 2006, as a joke. It is located in Finland.

In 1994 Wanstonia was formulated by protestors against the M11 motorway link road, in north-east London.

Waveland was founded in 1997. It is located on a rocky islet in the North Atlantic, to protest oil drilling in the area.

Westarctica, established 1989, claims a large chunk of unclaimed land in Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica.

Wirtland is an experiment into legitimacy and self-sustainability of a country without its own soil. It transcends national borders and was formulated in 2008.

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