The Difficulties in Teaching in Canada

One profession that is attuned to the continuous growth and development in the past few years is the field of education in Canada. As Canada continues as one of the more favored destinations for expats, the profession of teaching in Canada continues to grow together with the burgeoning economy.

The sheer size of Canada, together with the abundance of natural resources has made the country one of the richest in the world. The utilization of these resources properly by the Canadian authorities has increased the viability of the country as a destination and as a business address for many international entrepreneurs. Even in these bleak economic times, the Canadian economy has continued to flourish in both the short and medium term. This was illustrated in the Expat Forum in saying that “as a consequence, we are seeing more and more companies opening offices in Canada which is bringing more and more immigrants to the country, expanding the economy and diversifying the population as a whole.” Despite the continued growth, the demand for education varies differently amongst the states that comprise the country.

Becoming a teacher in Canada is a very arduous process and this is compounded by the difficulty of finding a permanent position, thus makes teaching in Canada not a viable profession. This is not quite a true assessment in some other areas of the country and teachers in some of the remote Canadian provinces are very much in demand. In fact, a post online stated that “unfortunately the situation is more difficult for expats looking at a teaching role in Canada and it could take some time before you are able to gain entry and then find a permanent position. “

In general though, teaching in Canada is not one of the professions on the summary of skilled workers required in Canada. It is best that if you do apply for a skilled workers visa for teaching in Canada, there is a position available for you when you arrive in the country. This though has become a very difficult possibility for expat teachers to Canada. It is recommended that you apply for a visa the traditional way and find your way into the teaching profession when you have already reached Canada.

Upon settling as a permanent resident in the country, the best place to reach out to be able to find jobs teaching in Canada are by applying to the local teaching association in your province. This would be the first step in gaining accreditation in Canada. There your qualifications and credentials would be assessed and once granted accreditation you would be in line for a teaching position in the area where you have chosen to reside.

As previously discussed, each province would have differing climates for teachers in their school districts. One of the most bankable qualifications is having three years of experience in Canada before getting a permanent position in the profession. In the first few years though, you would be getting temporary positions and this would only help in improving your credentials for teaching in Canada.

There are many employment options for an individual immigrant with credentials. One of these is accepting an offer in one of the more remote areas of Canada. This may speed up in landing a permanent position in the Canadian teaching profession. Another option is being employed in the many private schools in Canada. These private schools though are much fewer than the number of state schools in the country. This may change though as the economy of Canada continues to flourish as the recession recedes.

This article has been provided by Jose Marc Castro, the online editor at the primary community for Expats moving overseas. The site also provides information and advisories on work such as teaching in Canada.