The Canada Provincial Nominee Program!

Canada offers many immigration programs for all its prospective immigrants who wish to live and work in the nation. One of the many immigration programs includes the Provincial Nominee Program. This program permits immigrants to be nominated by a particular province. This program offers mutual terms of benefit for both – the province as well as the immigrant.

Canada consists of the Federal part as well as Quebec which is dominant by French speaking population. The Federal Canada comprises of many provinces. The provinces have their own governments as well as their own independent jurisdiction.

The Provincial Nominee Program enables an applicant to apply to individual provinces where they would want to invest, live and work. The provincial government in turn nominates candidates based on its eligibility criteria, the economic needs of the province as well as competency.

The main objective behind putting forth this program was to assist those applicants via government mode for filing their applications for immigration. Through this program, the applicants would have an option to enlist their set of skills, academic qualifications and their total work experience. These skills set are the key for the economic contributions that could be made by the immigrant. So, based on these criteria and the requirements of the province, a candidate is selected.

On the other hand, when it comes to Federal Skilled Migrant program, the applicant has to cater to the skills set as per the Federal Canada. This does not leave the applicant with many choices. However, with the Provincial Nominee Program in place, the applicants have a better chance of getting accepted. More so, the applicant would be better decided as to where he wants to reside in Canada.

An applicant has to file his application at the Province for a Canadian Visa so as to apply for the Provincial Nominee Program. Without the approval from the particular province, the process would not be complete for the applicant and more so, he would not obtain his visa.

The next step of the program involves the province in question approving the immigration application of the candidate. The authorities of the province have all the discretion to either accept or reject the application. This decision is completely based on needs pertaining to immigration as well as the authenticity of the applicant when it comes to permanent residence in the province.

The last step caters to the province nominating the candidate. Post this; the applicant has to submit his application at the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for a final acceptance to obtain the visa.

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