Teaching English Abroad

I am from Vancouver Canada and one of the hardest things right now in both Canada and the U.S is finding a good job. The job markets are so bad that even if you spent tons of money and time getting some kind of degree, it is still hard to find a descent paying job.

People get tried or frustrated after getting turned down for jobs that they have already studied for at school. You start to think what am I going to do and what skills do I have? When I was put in this situation about 5 years, I said to myself hey I can speak English maybe I could make money doing that? When I hit up the web for answers I was shocked to see how many jobs were available worldwide with great pay, visa sponsorship, free accommodations and training.

Among all other languages, English is the most famous and people all over the world are trying to learn it. The interests of all these people created hundreds of English schools throughout the world. Most of these companies have recruiters in your very country and will offer incentives to work as an English teacher abroad. Asian English companies are always looking for new English teachers and the best thing is you already have the experience, you can speak English. Some of the only things you will need to start getting paid to see the world are a clean criminal record, up to date passport and a working visa for the country you are going to enter.

Some companies do ask that new teachers have some kind of bachelor degree or some kind of teaching English certifies or training, but many are looking for people interested in living and teaching English aboard.

I have just started a English website about Japan. Anyone who is seeking employment in Japan as an English teacher or English teachers looking for ideas should check it out.