Take All Your Documents You Will Need on Your Next Trip

When you travel, it is important to take your travel documents when you leave for your trip. This simple protocol is often neglected by many as they feel like there are not much need to have their travel documents with them.

There are times when you will be asked for proof for travel arrangements or accommodations even if you have already paid and booked for it earlier. Whether you travel with a group or just as an individual, you should always have the papers handy should there be a need for them.

On some occasions, you will have to travel using multiple plane carriers. When this happens, usually you will be issued paper tickets that you will have to present for flight accommodation. This is why it is important to have proof of flight ticket purchases from departure, ticket purchases during the trip, and return flight tickets.

When traveling to foreign countries, you will need to present your passport and visa if necessary. If you used the services of a travel agent, you would have received a visa clearance. There are times when you will need to issue a proof or other supporting documents to immigration officials.

When crossing borders, you may be asked for your passport too most specially when traveling through the borders of Canada, Mexico and the United States. When traveling in Europe however, you may cross the borders without having to present your passport often. For countries that charge landing or entrance fees, always ensure that you have the documents with you so not to be charged twice.

Below is a short checklist of the important things to bring with you during travel.

  • Passport and other Identification Cards/Documents
  • Visa
  • Paper and printed airline tickets
  • Accommodation confirmation numbers (flights, car rentals, hotels, tours, etc.)
  • Itinerary details
  • Emailed vouchers (tours, hotels, cruises, etc.)
  • Phone and email contacts for travel agents and embassies
  • Photocopy of your passport
  • Extra passport size photos
  • Emergency phone numbers

The list above is just a condensed checklist. Think of everything that you paid for your trip and bring those documents with you as proof. Doing so, will help clear you easily from any hassles that you may encounter during your travel.

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