Studying in Canada

Canada has among the most prominent schools in the world, which also produces the best and brightest students each year. Getting a degree in any of the colleges and universities in Canada is a privilege shared by a few, and this is especially true for foreign students. But did you also know that you can earn your permanent residence or citizenship through a program called “The Canadian Experience Class”? This program was designed specifically to accommodate foreign students and professionals alike who wish study and work in Canada permanently.

Of course you will not be automatically granted a permanent residence status or citizenship without prior qualification. However, it is a whole lot more convenient to obtain citizenship through the Canadian Experience Class because the requirements are very few and simple to accomplish. To sum it all up here are the guidelines:

For Foreign Students:

· You will need to pass the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) in any college or university in Canada, and receive an invitation from the same school as well.

· You must prove that you are earning at least $11,000 CD per fiscal year.

· You must return to your country at the end of each semester in order to avoid over staying than the duration allowed by the visa given to you.

· You must have at least 1 year work experience in any managerial, professional or technical jobs after you graduate from school in order to qualify for a permanent residence application.

· You must have a strong grasp of either the English or French languages in both written and oral communication.

For Professionals:

· You must possess relevant skills and work experience for a minimum of 2 years in any fulltime (at least 37.5 hours per week) managerial, professional or technical jobs in Canada.

· You must have an invitation to work in Canada from a Canadian employer.

· You must have a strong grasp of either the English or French languages in both written and oral communication.

As you can see the requirements are thorough but simple enough to accomplish, in fact for most applicants it is most probably the finances that could be the biggest obstacle. But why would you apply for this immigration program if you didn’t come prepared for anything? Also to avoid getting your immigration application rejected, you might want to seek the guidance of an immigration lawyer to assist you in the matters of immigration law. It is commendable that you’ve prepared yourself for everything, but truth be told, it is far better to have someone who knows his way around to hold your hand and help you venture in unfamiliar places than to wander there by yourself. An immigration lawyer could serve as the ace up your sleeve.

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