Student Credit Card

Often students require money to pay their expenses. If the student is not earning he/she might go to his/her parents or guardian and ask for money. When they are not around and the student needs immediate cash, the student faces a problem. So in this situation a student credit card is very useful.

Many companies provide student credit cards and some of them with nice offers. Aggressive companies offer low interest rates and free application. Parents pay the bills if the student cannot pay in time. Parents can limit the credit amount by putting a voluntary limit on the card.

A good credit history always helps in the latter half of life. So parents should teach their children about the importance of a good credit record. All major credit card issuers like American Express, Visa and MasterCard offer students credit card.

In first world countries like USA, Canada, UK, students pay a very high amount to study in colleges. During the college days students spend a lot. Companies target these college-going teens. An average college-going student’s credit card often crosses a credit limit of USD 7,000. Many students have more than one credit card. The inexperienced over enthusiastic student uses the card haphazardly and usually crosses the card limit and usually ends up paying the principal plus interest, which ranges up to 20%. So it is advised to use the card judiciously.

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