Some Highly Important Changes in Canadian Immigration Rules

Immigration lawyers have always agreed with the fact that Canada has become one of the most favourable destinations for immigrants. Its high standards of living and ample work opportunities have till now attracted a huge number of people from all around the world. Every year, thousands of people contact immigration law firms to get a PR of Canada.

However, recently, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) introduced some important changes in their visa procedures for temporary and permanent immigrants. The types of visas affected by these changes include Temporary Foreign Workers and Federal Skilled Workers.

Temporary Foreign Workers

Lately, foreign workers have faced many instances of exploitation at their workplace due to which other immigrants have become a bit hesitant to come to Canada. This has in turn pressurised the Government of Canada to take some crucial steps to encourage the inflow of immigrants. So, to protect the interests of migrants, the CIC has announced the following changes in the Temporary Foreign Worker Program:

1. Employers are now obligated to prove the authenticity of their employment offer to all those temporary foreign workers whom they are going to hire.

2. Employers also have to prove that the past record with the foreign staff they hired has been well.

3. If a manhandling case is registered against an employer due to its meagre wages and inhuman working conditions, the government can debar him/her from hiring foreign workers for 2 years or more.

4. Employers who can’t offer employment to temporary foreign workers have to give their info along with a justification to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Federal Skilled Workers

Certain amendments have been made in the Federal Skilled Workers Program too. Here, the changes are proposed according to the requirements and objectives of the Canadian economy and society. Following are some changes that were proposed by CIC in this program:

1. CIC has proposed to increase the minimum score in the language category from 16 to 20.

2. For applicants who are 25-34 years old, the number of points have been increased 10 to 12 while keeping in mind factors like adaptability.

3. CIC has also reduced the number of years of education for people who want to go in the line of trading.

4. Maximum points for work experience have been reduced from 21 to just 15.

5. Job offers handed over by employers are closely assessed now in order to avoid any kind of forgery and fraud.

The above changes proposed by the CIC aim to provide better working opportunities and facilities for immigrants who are planning to settle in Canada to fulfil their personal and economic goals.

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