Safety Tips You Need to Keep in Mind When Touring Australia

Australia is the sixth largest country next to Canada, Russia, Brazil, the United States of America, and China. Its mainland is considered the smallest and the most leveled continent as well as the biggest island in the world. It is the most arid dwelling space in the world. It lies within the range of 10° to 39° South latitude, just below the Southern Hemisphere.

People know it more as the “Land Down Under.”

With so many great things happening to Australia, many economists consider it as one of the most progressive economies in the world. With low interest rate economy, high-growth, and low inflation rate, people can expect that its business sectors as well as the labor market are on stable grounds. This makes Australia as one of the most favorable place to stay, whether for tourism or for migration.

However, traveling to Australia is not that easy. Just like in any place, it is best that you know where to go, what to look for, and what to do in case an emergency happens.

Here are some great tips to keep your stay in Australia cozy and pleasurable.

1. Learn their words

Although Australia is an English-speaking country, some of their terminologies on things are quite exclusive to their community. This means you need to understand and learn their words. For one, Australians are more commonly called Aussies. If you will order a beer, you need to say “cold one” or “stubby.” Certain expressions matter as well like instead of saying “really” you say “fairdinkum” or if you want to say “great” you would rather say “you beaut, you beauty.”

2. Important holidays

It is also important that you know their holidays. In this way, you know what to do in case you arrived during their holidays. Some banks or establishments may not be in operation during holidays, so you need to take note of that. Some of their important holidays are January 26 which is Australia Day and April 25 which is Anzac Day.

3. Beach tips

Australia has some of the world’s finest beaches. Great sand, nice blue waters, what more can you ask for? However, you need to remember that Australia’s weather during the hot season can cause damage to your skin. It is important that you always bring a good sunscreen with you. It is best if you have Factor 30+ sunscreen lotion as this is the most required.

Do not stay long under the sun as well, as the country’s sun and heat can cause you sunstroke or heatstroke.

3. Hiking guidelines

If you want to go hiking, always wear appropriate clothes for travel. It is better if you have boots and long trousers as Australia is abundant with tall grasses and lush bushes. If you hike near the swamp area or any body of water for that matter, always keep in mind that there is a 100% possibility that there are crocodiles in it. So, it is best not to get near the water as much as possible.

Always bring plenty of water with you. Hiking can make you very thirsty but the country’s weather can give you twice as burden.

4. Shopping hours

Australia has different shopping hours compared to most countries. For seven days a week, shopping malls normally operate earlier, that’s from 8:30 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening.

5. Giving tip

Unlike in the United States, giving tip is not common in Australia. This means you don’t have to give them extra rewards for any favor or service they have given you.

Keep these things in mind and you will surely have a great stay in the land Down Under.

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