Russian Women For Marriage And Dating: Go On, Take The Plunge!

The first thing you notice when you sign up on a dating site specializing in Russian ladies for marriage is the sheer number of attractive women listed, and you may wonder why there are so many. The answer is that it’s a matter of numbers: there are simply more women than men in Russia, and once you rule out the Russian men who are already married, don’t want to get married, or are unsuitable, Russian women have no choice but to look beyond their country’s borders for a husband.

Yet simply by being foreign you also have an advantage: foreign men hold greater appeal for Russian ladies. They have a very positive image of the States, of Canada, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, and will want to know all about your life. So starting a correspondence is really easy: you will have a lot to talk about simply because you live in different countries.

After you’ve been in contact by e-mail for a while you may narrow down your list of potential wives to half a dozen, or one lady in particular may capture your heart. Skype and G-Talk are good means for getting to know your lady or ladies before you take a trip to Russia to meet her. Ask her lots of questions about her life and her views; show your interest in her as a person, not just her figure.

These days, getting to Russia is easy, and lots of dating agencies will help arrange visas and hotel accommodation, but even if you decide to do it alone, hotels will help with visas and airport transfers. In fact, it is probably easier for you to go to Russia than for your chosen lady (or ladies) to come visit you. A lot of countries in the West require proof that your potential bride is not a “flight risk” (i.e.: she will not stay in the country illegally after her visa expires), though if the lady has children in Russia, or a good, well-paid job, or a house, this is often enough to reassure the authorities that she will return.

Where and when you go will also make a difference. Moscow is much more expensive than the rest of Russia, so the further you are from the capital, the easier it will be on your wallet once you arrive. If you decide to visit during the winter, be prepared for the cold. It can reach -30 C (-22 F) and below in many parts of Russia, and even colder in Siberia. The summers can be hot, at over 30 C (86 F) in many locations. June is a wonderful time to visit St. Petersburg and places in the north of Russia because of the “White Nights,” when the sun never sets, so “night” consists of just a few hours of dusk.

When meeting your lady or ladies, there’s one rule you have to take into account: you pay. It is the custom in Russia that the man pays for the lady and goes back to the age of chivalry. So don’t think she is taking advantage of you by not offering to pay for things herself, that’s just the way it is. You may want to give her a small present or some flowers, which will always be well received. But here’s another big rule: always give flowers in odd numbers, as even numbers of flowers are given only at funerals.

Where you go and what you do with your lady is up to you. The arts are much more respected in Russia than in the West, so a visit to a museum, art gallery or stately mansion is generally a good idea. In the evening there’s the opera or ballet as well as restaurants, but keep in mind that women in Russia are very conscious about their figures and may not wish to eat after 6 or 7 PM, or will want to eat just small portions (sushi is very popular because it’s not considered as fattening).

If you are invited back to her place don’t be surprised if she has very cramped accommodations. It’s common for even professional women in Russia to live in a single room, sharing bathroom and kitchen facilities with neighbors. Though nearly all claim Orthodox Christianity as their religion, most do not object to sex before marriage.

If you are considering Russian women for marriage, you are about to embark on a great adventure; but, like all journeys, it has to start with a first step.

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