Role of US Immigration Services

US immigration services include providing opportunities for individuals wishing to permanently or temporarily enter the United States to do so legally and correctly. The process of entering the United States can be more difficult for some than for others. One of the factors the US keeps in mind when allowing an individual to enter the country is what country that person originally came from.

Due to international and political arrangements, citizens from some countries don’t require any special papers to travel through the United States. A couple of examples of these countries include Canada and Bermuda.

Any other person is required to contact US immigration services to make sure they can legally enter the States. Doing ones homework regarding this can make the difference between a pleasant visit and one that could involve law enforcement and charges.

There are two main types of visas ultimately issued by US immigration services that allows people to enter the country. If the person is just traveling through, they can apply for a non immigrant visa. Someone who would like to move the United States permanently can apply for an immigrant visa.

An immigrant visa is fairly straightforward according to guidelines set out by US immigration services. They’re for those who want to travel through the US and permanently settle in the country. While the US government acknowledges that choosing to live permanently in the United States is a complex and sometimes difficult decision, the process of applying for the correct visa can be just as complex and difficult.

Staff from US immigration services can often guide you through the right processes to make sure you get the visa you need for your ultimate goal. Immigrant petitions, regardless of the type of immigrant petition, is filed by the USCIS and is sent to the National Visa Center for processing (NVC). USCIS stands for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The National Visa Center provides instructions for all parties involved in helping a person enter the United States. The US immigration services can provide more details about this type of information, but it typically includes making sure all the papers are in order and making sure the instructions are sent out to visa applicants, sponsors and petitioners.

It’s even possible to file immigrant petitions from outside the United States. There are also non immigrant visas available. These types of visas are for those who are not planning to permanently move to the United States, but need the papers to prove that they’re in the country legally. There are more than 15 different levels of non immigrant visas available according to the US immigration services. Each classification is directly related to the reason why a person is in the country.

Examples of the types of people who may want non immigrant visas include domestic workers, business visitors, crew members, performing athletes, tourists, students, victims of human trafficking, victims of criminal activity, temporary agricultural workers, and religious workers.

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