Rise In Border Funds Moves US Immigration Plan Forward

A recent development that happened in the US immigration system was noted by people across the globe with surprise. It is to be highly noted that the US senate successfully approved a $38bn (£24bn) increase in border security through a bill. This particular bill was passed in order to strengthen the US immigration system to a larger extent. One of the points in the bill was regarding the path of citizenship for undocumented migrant that is likely to be passed. The said bill received 67-27 vote.

According to the analyst, increased spending and strict border security measures were really needed in order to win Republican votes on this burning issue. The said bill is likely to meet hardship in the Conservation House. Moreover, the US President has strongly urged Congress to immediately act on the legislation with perfection. Plans are ahead to successfully implement the bill before the summer break. Steps are taken to gather strongest possible vote in the Senate and Conservation House. The bill comes with a solution for nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants who are living in the US. They are on the way towards legal status with 13-year-long struggle. It is to be remembered that several new bills and amendment in the US immigration system was done by the previous US government but none preferred to solve this particular issue.

The bill comes with good news for agriculture workers and high-skilled worker through its visa programs. It is to be noted that the border security amendment by Republicans Bob Corker of Tennessee and John Hoeven of North Dakota would really increase the number of border patrol agents to approximately 40,000. The bill also comes with immediate fund for the construction of border fencing of 700 miles. This major step is taken to strengthen the US border. The bill will fund for meeting the technical side of border security system with long-range heat sensing cameras, an electronic employment verification system and drone aircraft. All these will cost billions of dollars for the ruling government.

The bill will enable the undocumented immigrants to immediately seek legal status. It will solve their ordeal faced from many years. Experts and analyst feel that the bill comes with good solution in this particular issue. They have welcomed the positive aspects and openly opposed the negative aspects of the bill. The final bill is largely expected to be passed in the first week of July. The bill has received support from Republican senators too. This is a good sign for the bill and makes its way for successfully getting approved. On the other hand, there is a strong feeling among the Republicans that the bill is pushed without giving space for some solid discussion or changes to be implemented. They felt the ruling government is showing keen interest in this particular bill with some hidden motives.

Senator Ted Cruz who is a Texas Republican, strongly opposed the bill from the initial stage. Cruz openly stated that the bill will reward those who break the law and encourage illegal immigration to a larger extent. He also added that the ruling government will not be able to check these areas with perfection. A similar sentiment was aired by other eminent personalities across the nation on this particular bill.

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