Requirements For Canadian Citizens For a TN Visa!

A TN Visa is meant for the citizens of Canada and Mexico who would want to work in the United States. This visa is under the North American Free Trade Agreement. It is a non – immigrant visa which is valid for a period of three years at a stretch. The best part of this visa is that there are no fixed numbers of extensions that are possible. The mandatory requirement here is that the applicant’s employer should be based in the United States.

However, it is not mandatory for a Canadian citizen to apply for a TN visa if he wants to work in the United States. At the entry port, an application could be filed which is quick and easy. For this, the following have to be provided with at the United States entry port:

  • A letter of Employment from the employer in the United States
  • Entry request to the US Department of Homeland, Customs and Border Protection and the immigration officer of the United States; this has to be under the status of the TN visa.
  • Evidence proving the educational qualifications of the applicant including all the transcripts of the mentioned qualifications
  • Copies of the relevant licenses and records of employments which prove the eligibility of the candidate
  • Documents proving the candidate to be a citizen of Canada
  • A fee of US$ 50 which has to be paid at the entry port
  • Documents proving the applicant eligible of the necessary licensing requirements

Similarly, for all the spouses and children who are Canadian citizens do not require a visa as well. However, they also must submit with additional documents at the entry port:

  • Documents proving them to be the citizens of Canada
  • Evidence proving the relationship with the applicant such as marriage and birth certificates
  • Additional copies of the documents provided by the principal applicant

Although, if the spouse and children of the applicant are not Canadians and if the Canadian applicant is living with them outside Canada, then a visa is required. In such a case, a TD non – immigrant visa has to be applied for at the US Consulate. An immigration specialist could also be contacted for the same.

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