Quebec Experience Class Set to Accelerate Quebec PR Procedure

With the success of CEC (Canadian experience Class) that initiated acceptance of applications in September last year, Quebec Government is now all set to introduce the federal counterpart of this program at the level of Quebec immigration as well. Quebec Experience Class (PEQ) or the “Programme de l’expérience québécoise,” is an accelerated, new immigration program that allows temporary foreign workers and international students in Quebec to apply for permanent residency status in Quebec.

Just as the CEC, even PEQ follows the same model of working with two distinct selection streams – for temporary skilled workers and another one for international students.

CSQ eligibility requirements under PEQ

Given below are the qualifying conditions that temporary foreign workers must meet to become an eligible applicant for CSQ under the Quebec Experience Class:

  • At least a year of work experience in Quebec in the past 2 years in a professional, managerial or skilled occupation when you file the application
  • You must be able to exhibit your legal status of being in Quebec and that you are employed during the application submission
  • You must also prove that you have completed a French course of the level B1 at any recognized Quebec institute or submit results of your standard French proficiency test. Alternatively, you may also show that you have a satisfying professional level fluency in requirements of French language in your Quebec occupation

Eligibility to apply for Certificat de Sélection du Quebec or CSQ for international students in Quebec under PEQ is as follows:

  • A diploma or degree obtained from any educational institute in Quebec that has the recognition from the Quebec Ministry of Education
  • You must have completed studies in Quebec province for a minimum of 1800 hours or two years
  • Prove completion of a B1 level of French course from an educational institute in Quebec, if you have not completed your studies in French 

PEQ – A simplified and accelerated process than CEC

Further, it is even easier and faster to qualify under PEQ as compared to CEC, which in itself is an accelerated process at the federal level. Given below are a few reasons that reduce complications and accelerate processing of PEQ program:

  • Application process of the CEC program involves complete documentation submission for assessment at the Canadian Immigration Visa Office for assessment. Whereas, you can easily apply online for PEQ and documents submission at the Quebec Immigration Visa Office is also minimal. Due to such a simplified processing of PEQ application, it is expected that assessment for applications will be done very quickly.  
  • Advantage of PEQ for foreign students is that they do not require Quebec work experience to be eligible for PEQ. Also, they may begin processing of their application for PEQ almost six months before they expect to graduate. However, assessment of the application is done only after the submission of their graduation proof.  
  • While work experience requirement for temporary foreign workers in Quebec is one year for PEQ, at the CEC level, this requirement is double. 

Though you must not forget that applying under any Quebec immigration program is a dual-stage procedure and PEQ program is no exception to this. The first stage involves obtaining CSQ under the PEQ program. The second stage is submission of application for approval at the federal level at the Citizenship and Immigration Canada, before you are granted the status of permanent residency in Quebec. Medical and criminal checks are undertaken during the second stage.

Another striking point is that an applicant who has study and work experience in Quebec but intends to settle permanently in a territory or province outside Quebec can qualify for CEC. However, anyone who wishes to settle in Quebec itself need to apply under the PEQ program only.  

So, your choice may be CEC or PEQ, you know that you are set to benefit in some way or the other.

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