Provincial Differences Within the Canada Business Visa

The Canada Business Visa is offered by the Federal Govt of Canada by many provinces. Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, and Yukon all feature the Canada Business visa for candidates who intend to open or buy into a business in Canada.

Each individual province has their very own requirements with the entrepreneur category and they contrast enormously from province to province. Below is actually a summary of several of the requirements:

• All of the provinces connected with programme include a minimum net worth requirement. The lowest net value requirement is $250,000 CAD (Yukon), and the highest net worth requirement is $800,000 CAD (British Columbia).

The other provinces possess a wide range of net worth requirements ranging between the high and low talked about.

• The provinces within plan necessitate the candidate to have business expertise. Quebec requires a low of two years and Yukon is on the high limit of five years required business experience, and the others fall within the two to five yr requirement.

• The process requires an investment minimum of $100,000 CAD (Quebec) as well as a high of $1,000,000 CAD (Ontario). A lot of the other provinces associated with the Canada Business Visa programme have requirements nearer to $200,000 CAD.

• All of the provinces associated with the Canada Business Visa programme call for a clearly organized business strategy that indicates their awareness of business and also the Canadian market.

• Some of the provinces require a “good faith deposit”. Ontario and Quebec will not ask for a deposit. The other provinces range from $75,000 CAD to $125,000 CAD for their deposit.

• Some of the provinces demand the candidate to make a single to 3 new jobs for permanent residents or citizens of Canada.

• Some of the provinces within the program ask for an exploratory visit prior to applying and other provinces won’t.

This is a brief summary of several of the many requirements for candidates within the Canada Business Visa process as you will find other requirements that are incredibly provincial specific. As you could see every one of the requirements differ enormously from province to province, while they’re all under the Canada Business Visa plan.

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