Princess Cruises – 5 Important Points!

There are many things to consider before embarking on a Princess cruise adventure. First you need to be clear on what you want from this type of vacation so you can easily search for available trips and packages.

1. Destination is one of the first things to decide on before getting down to details. A Princess Cruise offers so many interesting destinations to choose from and the most popular ones are South America, Europe, Canada, New England, New Zealand, Australia, Asia, Panama Canal, Hawaii, Tahiti, South Pacific, Mexican Riviera, Alaska and World Cruise.

2. Duration is another factor that you need to decide on. There are short cruises that only run for five days. For first timers though, it is recommended that you choose a longer trip to maximize the activities that you can do. There are trips that last for 6 to 8 days, 9 to 15 days, and schedules for 16 days up too. For tour duration, most tours run for 3 to 4 to 6 days or more. Relative to this, you would also need to think about the travel sequence. You can choose to cruise first before the tour or the other way around.

3. Just like any other holiday trips, there are documents that need to be prepared when going on a Princess cruise. You need to have your travel certification, permits, visa/s or passports on hand to avoid any hitches during the trip. Your travel agency can further advise you on other essential documents that you should not forget to bring.

4. Are you combining your cruise with another travel itinerary? Or is it the only travel activity that you’re going to do? Whichever, it pays to learn about the embarkation ports so you can plan for other things including delays, land and air transfers and stopovers. Embarkation ports for these trips include Acapulco in Mexico, Athens in Greece, Bangkok in Thailand, Barbados, Beijing in China, Cape Town in South Africa, Ft. Lauderdale in Florida, Honolulu in Hawaii, London in England, Manaus in Brazil, New Orleans in Louisiana, Osaka in Japan, Quebec City in Quebec, Rome in Italy, San Juan in Puerto Rico, Seattle in Washington, Sydney in Australia, Venice in Italy, Anchorage in Alaska, Auckland in New Zealand, Barcelona in Spain, Buenos Aires in Argentina, Copenhagen in Denmark, Galveston in Texas and Lima in Peru among many others.

5. The fleet must be considered too. All princesses are magnificent ships but they offer different opportunities as far as amenities, activities and experiences to be had are concerned. Read the detailed description for each ship and make your choice.

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