Prerequisites of USA Visas

If you are planning a visit to the US you have different types of visa’s that are available for you to apply for. The most common visa is a temporary tourist or study visa that can be used by people that plan to travel for business, education or pleasure. There are different visas that are applicable depending upon the requirement of travel. You also have a chance to see if you can qualify for the Visa Waiver program or if you are located in Canada or Bermuda. You do not need to obtain a visa before you visit your US destination.

If you want to come over and earn money, you will be required to meet the legal regulations for the payment of taxes each year. The visa regulations are based on the length of stay, purpose of visit, and the limitations that are effective as per visa rules. This is further explained as an individual on a tourist visa cannot work in US while a person on H-1B can work, but his or her spouse will not be eligible. Different visas have varied limitations and requirements. With recent changes in visa and immigration laws, the process for visa approval is taking longer.

It is important to fill out the application for the right visa, ensuring that there are no obstacles that come while it is being processed. Some of the common visas that people apply to include the professional category which encompasses H-1B, H1C, H-2B, H2A, H-3 that have prerequisites for qualifying for them. Most of these are technical and academic qualification, proof of identity, special skills and others.

Foreigners from other countries that need to visit US temporarily for visiting relatives, for treatment of medical conditions, conduct business require a B-1 or B-2 visa. Both of these are non-immigrant visas and overstaying is not possible. Most of these are valid for a period of 3 to 10 years and can be extended for 6 months at the most, if needed. In most cases, the applications are processed within 30 days but sometimes take over 60 days to find out if you have been approved.

Some of the mandatory documents include visa fee receipt, passport, photograph, confirmation of submission of the DS160, original letter of appointment given by the sponsor amidst other documents related to your specific visa. The sponsorship documents are needed if the individual planning to go to US is a dependent or a relative for visiting or staying there.

If you are planning a visit USA soon, it is best to apply early. This way if you have a set date of travel you will not miss it due to delays in processing of your application. As always you can call immigration services and they can help you fill out your application or you can research online to find an immigration attorney service. There is additional service and fees that are applicable on the forms that are submitted.

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