Prepare Enough Funds For Canada!

Let me give you an important recommendation related to the financial documents you have to prepare and attach to your visa application.

As you may know, one of the documents you must attach to your application is the “Proof of Settlement Funds”.

This document is VERY IMPORTANT, since you have to demonstrate to the Canadian government that you have enough funds to arrive and settle in Canada.

At the moment, the funds you must have to arrive and settle in Canada are reasonable. These funds are different depending on the number of family members coming with you.

I recommend using the following documents as a proof to settle in Canada:

o A current bank certification letter

o Savings balance

o Fixed or time deposit statements

It is extremely important that you attach the RIGHT documents in each part of the application process!

I recommend knowing exactly the funds you need to prove to the government! If you do not meet the criteria, your application will most likely be either refused or delayed.

Never give up! Apply for the Canadian visa and move to Canada!

Well, I hope you found my advice useful. Don´t forget that you need to understand the immigration process perfectly in order to submit a successful Permanent Residence visa application.

Alex Berez is a specialist in Canadian immigration and author of Step-by-Step Immigration to Canada –