POEA Jobs in Canada – Part 2

Each year the Canadian government welcomes around 90,000 migrants to its doors. A lot of the migrants are skilled workers and a good amount of them are from the Philippines.

Canada, is a huge country and needs to fill so many jobs that its own people do not want or are simply over-qualified for. Garbage disposal, Oil and gas workers, Truck drivers, Teachers, Care-givers, and the like are highly sought-after in Canada.

Another industry that Canada needs bolstering is the IT industry, from web-designers to programmers there is a scarcity of IT professionals. Taiwanese, Chinese, Koreans and Filipinos are now filling in these positions fast. The IT industry in Canada is fast becoming an Asian dominated sector of the work force

Another industry opening up to Filipinos are the Cruise ship lines. Cruising is a popular holiday option and Canada is a beautiful country to sight-see via luxury liner. The cruise ships need entertainers, stylists, spa managers, recreation specialists, care-givers, traveling nurses and the like. A cruise ship is like a city that is moving-it needs everything that a city needs.

The entry point for most of these workers are a temporary working visa issued to these successful applicants, the applicants over the course of their stay are then evaluated for full citizenship based on skills and integration.

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