Planning Canada Migration As Teacher? What You Need to Know!

The procedure of the overseas movement may be rather long and exhausting, despite the fact that which nation one could be making efforts to gain admission into. On the basis of the given drive–at the time of the filing of a petition for citizenship–some applicants could have a somewhat briefer waiting time frame, as compared to others.

The Federal Skilled Workers, or the FSW, are of much value to a nation, and hence of a superior priority–more so in the industries which may be recession-proof. For instance, dentists, doctors & teachers are the professionals which will always be in much need. It’s positive news, in case one happens to be a teacher and keen to shift to the Maple Country, i.e., Canada.

Selection Grounds for the FSW Sanction

1. Topmost level of education concluded; superior to high school diploma.

2. Work experience which reveals not less than 1 complete year of work which comes into one of these vocational classes, namely, professional, managerial or skilled/technical.

3. Fluency in French English and/or (both used for speaking purposes in the Maple Country)

4. Existing age

5. General compliance (regularly tested, via an appraisal quiz)

6. Existing state of job (or offer)

Existing Restrictions

As of July, 2012, the concerned organization, the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada), has stopped the acceptance of petitions for the program of the FSW. When the revised requirements of the program become effective, the petitions will be admitted one more time. It is believed to be in full force towards the starting of 2013. Still, this stop does not impact the candidates who: 1. Have an existing job offer (already arranged inside the Maple Country) or 2. Are globally enrolled, or were registered inside the past year in a program for PhD of the country.

Cost of Living Evidence

Since the Maple Country does not permit anyone to sleep or loiter around inside its borders aimlessly, it will wish to find out how one intends to start his life once he has entered the country. Any dependents one may have will also be duly taken note of. Having lots of money, minus a paper trail, is a speedy manner to get one’s submission rejected; while not having sufficient funds to suitably maintain one’s family for over 30 days or a month will usually conclude in the same manner.

Automatic Dismissal

In all likelihood, some candidates will be refused right away. It is essential to make certain that none of such inconsistencies get in one’s path, prior to moving ahead: 1. A case of human/international rights violation, 2. A criminal background, 3. DUI charges–either due to alcohol or drugs, will most likely get one rejected, 4. Ties or past involvement with organized offense, 5. Showing certain, more so infectious, health implications, 6. Lack of evidence of, or not sufficient financial backing, 7. Discrepancies in submissions, 8. Non-compliance with Immigration & Refugee Protection Act of the nation, also called the IRPA, 9. Relation with a prohibited individual

The 1st Step

In case one is prepared to take his career for teaching to the Maple Country, he would do well to get in touch with an immigration attorney, who specializes in Canada immigration. By and large, majority of the lawyers proffer very reasonable, or at times, absolutely free advice on the issue. In case the consultation is not negative, the attorney may talk about the expenses of his services from there, together with explaining precisely as to how much easier he may make the whole procedure for the applicant. One needs to know that the first step to shifting to the Maple Country as a teacher starts with an easy appraisal.

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