Passports and Visa’s to Your Financial Freedom in Network Marketing

Financial Freedom in networking allows us to travel to many places around the globe. Since 9/11 we have discovered how important a passport and a visa are to global traveling.

My experiences.

Several years ago I traveled to Cote d’Ivoire with my wife, two sisters and a brother in law. Tickets purchased, passports in hand we boarded the plane in Chicago for the long flight to Abidjan via Zurich. The efficient agent at the airline ticket counter checked our flight tickets and passports and approved us to board the flight. Excited we were and looking forward to the long flight overseas. Why were we going to Abidjan? My son and his wife were missionaries in Cote d’Ivoire. We looked forward to visiting and learning about their culture and work.

We arrived in Zurich, spend a couple hours lounging around the airport, stretching our legs and waiting for the next portion of our flight to Abidjan. Again, the agent at the counter checked our boarding passes, our passports and gave us permission to board the plane, now a direct flight to Abidjan.

No one told us about the surprise we would encounter at the Abidjan airport. First of all, this is a French speaking country. A language none of us could understand nor speak. Secondly, immigration asked us for our Passports and Visas ! Visas! What visas! No one suggested we needed a visa to enter the country of Cote d’Ivoire. Not the travel agent, nor the airline agents. Now what?

“You cannot enter this country without a visa. We will put you on the return plane to Zurich.”

My wife, gave a copy of my business card to asecurity agent who went to find our son, waiting outside of customs. Tom was brought in to help us and redeem our situation as he could speak their language – French. Two hours and $160 later, we were given a 3 day pass – although we would be in the country for three weeks!

A couple years ago my wife and I were in Denver, Colorado for a convention. Just as were packing our car to leave and drive back to Indiana, my sister called from Canada. “Dad is failing fast, we want you to come to Canada” . An hour later she called again to say that Dad had gone to be with Jesus.

We repacked and drove to Canada. My wife is a USA citizen and I am Canadian. However, not expecting to be going to Canada on this trip we did not have passports with us. I did have a photo copy of my Canadian passport and my wife had a copy of her USA passport. Not the real thing.

We arrived at the Canadian border with only these photo copies (always in my car) and a telegram from my sister, an affadate saying that Dad’s funeral would be in two days please come now.

The Canadian customs wanted are REAL Passport and my REAL USA green card. Well after a time of negotiating and pleading – we were given permission to enter Canada.

Why do I tell you these stories and how does this relate to Financial Freedom in network marketing or having your own online business?

The company policies and procedures are your passports and visas to Financial Freedom! These outline in detail your “traveling” success as you “ride” with this company. These policies may stop you at the port of entry to financial freedom! Oh, they may take your application and money and let you purchase some of the goodies. But when it comes to the real financial freedom you thought you purchased, you are not qualified or over qualified or ‘that is not for you”.

Always look for the ‘gotcha’s” in a companies policies and procedures BEFORE you sign an application or give them your credit card number.

If you do not know what the “red flags” are, do some research, find a counselor who is not in that company and get some advice.

To your success and a life of Abundance and Prosperity.

– Walter Seward

Walter Seward is Professional marketer who loves to travel and help others succeed.