Options Galore for Technology Professionals Keen in Canada Immigration

It is an open secret that Canada, the Maple country, leads the world in the field of science & technology. Even though the nation produces industry heads across several technology domains, one thing is required to make certain that the industry remains in the pink of its health is a flood of qualified technology experts or professionals to the nation.

Actually, with a view to filling job vacancies in the near future, trained migrants, together with temporary employees, will be required throughout Canada-that too on a large scale. The good news is that for both the country and for the overseas workers, who could be interested in Canada immigration, the nation has come-up with many attractive programs and visa-options.

Canada Technology Domain

A recent study, done by a concerned organization, reveals that certain industries involving technology such as–Information & Communications Technology, Environmental Technologies–by and large have continued to be robust across the nation.

The said organization also highlighted the geographical areas which are undergoing a gush of production related to science & technology even as the most fruitful provinces in the said domain happen to be Quebec, British Columbia (BC), Ontario, etc.

Choices Involving Technology Experts

People having professional experience and expertise in the field of technology have many choices to arrive on the shores of the Maple Country even as these options will vary on the basis of the individual’s specific domain of doings, personal profile, and immigration targets.

Here below is given some examples of programs which tech professionals have, time and again, made use of:

Choices Involving Permanent Residency (PR) Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP): Candidates having experience in a targeted domain of study/area of training could be qualified to duly file a petition. Many of these targeted domains come into the territory of technology.

Federal Skilled Worker Class (FSWC): Another option is through this class. Reportedly, fresh rules would come into force on January 1, 2013. Candidates having work experience in any trained vocation–for the object of immigration to Canada — could be qualified to duly file a petition even as the same covers most of the professionals from engineering, computer, and other technical fields.

Choices Involving Temporary Work Permit

Quebec Facilitated Labor Market Opinion (LMO) Procedure: The program covers candidates from a variety of domains, such as engineering and information technology (IT). The recruiters/firms from the Quebec province will be in a position to get an LMO–an important step in recruiting an overseas worker, minus having to cater to requirements involving standard local employment.

Temporary Work Permit: All qualified workers with an LMO-based offer of job from a recruiter/firm of Canada could be qualified to duly file an application for this permit.

In spite of the path followed, people having skills in a domain such as the tech sector may remain certain that they will gain admission into a robust marketplace even as it (the marketplace) seriously requires their exclusive professional expertise.

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