Nurses in the US And Canada: Privileged Category

Many people probably know the U.S. experience a shortage of certain specialists (such as cooks or teachers). However, things happening in medical world cannot be compared with any other professions. Therefore, if you are a nurse with foreign education or know someone, you will find this article useful.

Over the years, the United States were a closed territory for majority of foreign origin doctors. Previously, different rules required foreign doctors being American citizens to obtain a license to work.

From 1976 to 1991, federal immigration laws forbade doctors of foreign origin to receive temporary work (“H-1B” status) to perform treatment of patients. Doctor in H-1B status was only permitted to teach or conduct research in the U.S. for public or nonprofit private educational or research institution or agency.

However, in 1991 Congress changed the laws to allow foreign-born doctors to qualify and acquire a temporary visa to enter the U.S. in order to obtain a residence for doctors and carry out treatment of patients.

To date, the number of nurses in the U.S. and Canada is clearly not enough, and population is steadily aging. Life expectancy increases and demand for Licensed Nurses clearly exceeds supply and keeps on growing.

In 2004, the average annual income of nurse in the United States amounted to $ 52,330

The whole family usually receives free health insurance.

Availability of Secondary Special medical education is the main condition for passing this program.

English proficiency is an additional, desirable condition. The higher the level is, the faster competitors will be able to prepare for and pass the examination in the U.S. (CGFNS / NCLEX), as well as TOEFL.

CNA training centers offer unique programs for learning English and specialty, in conjunction with licensed institutions in USA.

This greatly improves efficiency of learning, reduces training time, as professional teachers, native speakers will serve your teachers. Everyday contact with the Americans also serves a great language practice and virtually guarantees professional work immediately after the end of the course and passing relevant examinations. Teachers of nursing are represented by licensed American Nurses with great practice in the U.S. hospitals.

Teaching specialty at the institute is carried out in English.

Training course is designed for 6 months. Training process also offers practice in hospitals and medical centers.

After 9 months, all students are eligible for a work permit. In future, all successful graduates of the institute are employed by obtained specialty.

CNA training companies provide a full adaptive service, which includes: airport transfer, rent or purchase of housing, professional advice on choice of district to stay, help in purchasing a car, insurance, placement of children in schools and education centers.

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