Moving to Thailand

Situated in the Southeast Asian region, Thailand boasts off its wonderful beaches that house an incredible marine life. Thailand is a great destination for retirement if you want to get away from the Western culture, because here you will experience total immersion of Thailand culture. Its climate is also one of the reasons why retirees would like to retire here, due to its likable sunny climate almost all year round; you will get to enjoy different types of outdoor activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling.

The people in Thailand are very friendly and warm, do not be afraid to converse with them because they would most likely try their best to understand and talk to you. English as a Second Language Teacher would be of a good profession for retirees if they plan to retire here. Due to Thailand’s want of learning the English language, they are open for retirees to come to their land and teach them if possible. Retirees can be rest assured also of his safety because Thailand is known to be on of the safest place in the planet.

The cost of living in Thailand is low, so for retirees coming from the USA, Canada, and Europe their money will really go along way if they are to spend it in Thailand. It would be like living in luxury without spending a fortune. Thailand’s healthcare is also outstanding, and private hospitals prioritize retirees and old people. Healthcare cost is also much lower compared to other modernized countries.

Thai cuisine is a definite must try! Their food is one of the most famed in the world for its savory, uniqueness and mouthwatering concoction of dishes. Thai food is renowned for its spiciness and this can be found in the streets, such as the name “street food”. You might get the wrong impression that it might be dirty food, but it is actually not, especially when it is prepared in front of you. And there are varieties of fresh foods that you can pick from.

Applying for a residency visa is easy if you have all the needed documents stipulated by the Thai Embassy in the application form. The application may take sometime but the wait will be all worth it, because once you are legal to live in Thailand, you will get to relax, enjoy and live the life you have always wanted to live. Bask in the sun like, play in the sand, discover an entirely different place, and explore the country like real traveler. Thailand offers some of the most unforgettable experiences in the world, so better get prepared for this once in a lifetime adventure, read as much information as you can so that you will know what to expect.

Mitch Bowler is an avid traveler, having lived the majority of his adult life overseas exploring different cultures and learning about the best that each has to offer the expats who live there.

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